Friday, September 13, 2013

Turning Frowns Upside Down

Bodhi:  I will kill you with my miiiiind!! 

Yesterday was not a good day.  I woke up anxious and got super nervous all day.  Yesterday, I saw my surgeon.

I've been having some medical problems this year, and while I won't go into crazy specific detail, the last big surgery I had didn't work.  So we have to start all over.  (If you want to catch up, see here, here, here and here.)  The crazy thing is, I knew that the surgery didn't work a month ago.  I could feel it, and things were... right.  It's scary how you can prepare so much, know what's going to happen and still be devastated when you hear the news.  There are a lot of worse things, but it's still hard.

Because I was an emotional basket case all day, I didn't feel like I was eating that great.  I didn't run, and I started the day off with a heavy rice breakfast.  I needed carbs, and I needed them STAT.

That was my overall face all day.  I tried to take my mind off things at lunch by reading and eating my sandwich.  I basically inhaled it without even noticing.  No enjoying, just worrying.

Around 3, I headed to my doctor.  I got the news I had expected, and I had a break down on the phone with my mom.  It felt good to get that out, after having the anxiety build all day.  My illness is not life threatening, the next surgery is very minor, and I will be ok.  By the time Josh got home, I wasn't feeling as bad.  He took me out to cheer me up.  A walk through Best Buy, our favorite wine shop, and US Pizza, and I was smiling again.  We brought dinner home so we could watch movies and I could add vegan cheese to my pizza.  It was great!

I'm still playing with the light box for dinner shots, but I got the set up a little better.  The pizza would have been pretty bland without the cheese (when in the restaurant, I have them put guac on it), but after the daiya shreds, it was amazing.

I ended the night all smiles.  Sometimes, you just need to be with the people you love and remember the good things, not the bad things.  I'm good today, and I plan on having a great weekend.  I have a procedure Wednesday, but I don't think it will take me away from blogging like the last ones have.  Vegan MOFO must go on!!

I didn't really spend a lot of time yesterday looking for other mofo posts, so if you guys saw something you think was awesome, leave it in the comments!

Stay tuned this weekend for the Bernice Garden Farmer's Market, hopefully some Green Cuisine food truck and other weekend happenings.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your day. I wish you all the best wishes in the world for your recovery. Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine from Spain to brighten your day. The rice breakfast looked yummy, I would eat fried rice any time in the day.

    1. Thank you so much! Your pictures from Spain look amazing. That is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I lived in Italy a few years back, but I never made it over to Spain.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Everything will be fine :)

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