Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tofu Tacos at Moe's

I'm still getting a handle on my eating routine, and I haven't quite hit my stride yet.  When I eat light and healthy, I feel like I could karate kick any problems.  I strut around the house like a happy cat, and I can't stop smiling.  When I'm overeating, or eating junk, I often feel down in the dumps.  These are things I need to remember.

I started the day with a fairly healthy choice, although I stuffed my breakfast burrito with avocado and tempeh bacon.  It was delicious, though.

I knew I was having a lunch date with my beautiful, veeeery pregnant friend, Amber.  We always go to the same place, Moe's.  I like it, because they have tofu.  I usually get a salad or a very small burrito, but I thought I would try the tacos today.  I really thought they would be smaller, but they loaded me up!

My taco was tofu,grilled onions, corn pico, peppers, green olives and cilantro.  They were absolutely delicious.  We gabbed and had a good lunch, and I headed back to the office to work on drawings.

Dinner was more of the same.  Noodles and tofu and veggies.  I need to come up with more creative and healthy dinners.


  1. What a delicious day! I love a good breakfast burrito..... I keep using collard leaves or romaine as the "wrapper" lately. I get into dinner ruts too-the veggie burger patty on salad is a standby.

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