Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Bedford Camera's Intro to DSLR Class, Day 1

Last night, I headed to Bedford Camera in North Little Rock for the first night of their Intro to DSLR Photography class.  The class is 4 weeks long, 2 hours a week.  It's a very basic, "Hi, this is your camera!" kind of class, which is good, because I really don't know anything about my camera.

I got to Bedford Camera just a little before the class started, and the guys that run the store were incredibly nice and easy going.  The class had about 10 people or so in it with varying levels of experience.  They gave us a handout covering everything to be discussed that evening so we could follow along without having to worry about taking too many notes.

In the first class, we learned about how not to damage our cameras (WEAR YOUR STRAP, PEOPLE!), some initial set up, and some composition basics.  A lot of time was spent on a snap shot vs a composed photograph, which I thought was quite helpful.

The instructor, Michael, was funny, laid back and easy to listen to.  He gave us tons of examples of his own work on what to do and what not to do.  A lot of the class was focused on landscapes and portraits, because that's what most of the people who take that class are interested in.  I was the only one that was going to predominantly shoot food, but I thought that was kind of neat.

The class ended with some homework, including learning where certain functions on your camera are and an assignment to go out and shoot one photo using the principals taught in the first class.  Next week, we're going to vote to see whose photo is the best.

I look forward to taking the other 3 classes and betting my understanding of DSLR photography.  I'll post more on the next classes, as well as my homework picture.

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