Sunday, September 15, 2013

LR Restaurant Review: Green Cuisine

A few years ago, I was googling vegetarian restaurants in Little Rock, and I came upon Green Cuisine.  I was so excited, so Josh and I hopped in the car and headed downtown.  Only having a short google post and address, I was unaware that this was a food truck, so when we drove up on an empty parking lot, I was pretty sad.  Fortunately, a few months later, I had reason to be downtown during the week and got to eat at this all vegetarian food truck.  I had a portabello sub, thought it was amazing, and hoped I would eat there all the time.

That was a good 2 years ago.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get myself around this amazing food cart very often, so when I heard they would be at the Bernice Garden Vintage Market on Saturday, I was ecstatic! After a lovely morning of thrifting, my friend Erin and I headed over to Green Cuisine to have lunch.  I've been keeping up with their facebook page all summer, so I knew I wanted to try their Vegan Chickpea Sandwich.  Little did I know, it would be one of the best sandwiches I've had all year.

Food trucks are pretty huge in Little Rock, and we have a ton of them, but most of the options are meat and cheese heavy, so I don't often get excited to go out and try them.  Green Cuisine is different.  The dishes are fresh and light, and the prices are affordable.  I got a chickpea sandwich AND potatoes for 7 bucks.  They made up our order fresh right in front of us, and we got really excited from the smells.  The food did not disappoint.

The bread was crusty and warm, the chickpea salad was DELICIOUS.  It's rare that I eat something that is so good I hope it won't end.  I've been making chickpea salad by mashing them, but this was blended and creamy.  The pickles added to the sandwich were a really nice touch.  The potatoes were perfectly cooked with a good blend of herbs and oil.

If you live in Little Rock, I highly recommend you find yourself around Green Cuisine at lunch time!  Everything I've tried has been delicious, and I hope I get to try many more things!

Green Cuisine is usually located at 6th and Chester during the week, but they are occasionally in North Little Rock and South Main's Food Truck Thursdays.  See their facebook page for daily locations and specials.


  1. Try their grilled veggie sandwich - without the cheese for you, of course. The chickpea salad sandwich is good, but the grilled veggie... it's divine.

    1. ooOOOo that sounds exciting! i'll have to do that!


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