Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daily Vegan Eats This Week

So, I've been so busy this week writing about my Birthday Taco Night, Little Rock To-Do's, and my Goals for Year 28, I haven't had a lot of time to give you my day by day.  I've been documenting, just not posting.  So, I thought I'd give a quick recap of this week so far.  It has been a wonderful and exhausting trip, and by the time it got to my actual birthday, Josh and I just wanted a really quiet night.


So, I don't have a Sunday recap for you, because I spent the whole day watching Simon Pegg  movies and drinking champagne.  It was a great day.  Monday, I had to get back to normal.  I started the day off with this daiya/tofu/veggie wrap.  It had spicy notes from the cashew cream sauce, and it was light after a weekend of partying.

I kept things SUPER simple for lunch, because we had friends coming into town for dinner, and I knew we'd be eating quite a lot.  So, this was just a simple PB&J.

Our friends Matt and Val came to town on their way through on vacation, and we thought they needed to eat at Big Orange.  We have known Matt and Val since our first year in college, but it was their first trip to our house.  We had a fantastic time, and they were both really happy with their food.  I went with falafel on this trip, and it was really yummy.

We stayed up until midnight just to ring in my birthday, and then we promptly went to bed.


As I said, by the time my actual birthday came around, I was exhausted.  I just wanted a simple day of simple eating.  I made the same kind of breakfast wrap I had the day before, and I headed to work.

Check out the really cool necklace that Valerie got me for my birthday!  Yay Arkansas!  She also got me the most adorable owl stuffed animal.  One thing you might know about me is I'm a sucker for owls.

For some reason, I felt I would be social and go to lunch with my office.  I had intended to go to Whole Foods and eat a bunch of vegan carrot cake, but instead we went to Izzy's and I had vegan tamales.

After lunch, I remembered why I stopped going to lunch with my office.  I had a good time, but I ate too much.  I'm going to stick to my home brought ones from now on.

After work, Josh and I headed over to Best Buy to snag up my birthday present.  I have been researching and price shopping and saving, and here it is..............

My first DSLR!!!!  Of course, I really have no idea how to use it, so I signed up for a 4 week intro class at Bedford Camera in North Little Rock.  I have also been reading through all of Ashley's posts on Edible Perspective about Photography.  Her photos are beautiful, and I get a lot of inspiration from her.

We decided not to eat out again, because we were tired and wanted to get home.  So, I raided the freezer for some dinner items.  What I came up with was actually really delicious.

Veggie Birthday Bowl

1/2 steamer brown rice bag
1/2 steamer broccoli bag
1/4 c shredded carrots
2 tbs pumpkin seeds
1/4 avocado, sliced
sriracha swirl!!
a couple good cracks of a sea salt grinder

This was a really simple and clean dinner to combat all of the birthday indulgences I've had over the past week.  BUT.... no birthday would be complete without dessert.  So, in between watching the new episode of Breaking Bad, I whipped up a peach cobbler from GI 365.  I don't think our peaches were so great, and it didn't turn out as lovely as their blog post, but I'm not the best at desserts.  We topped it with coconut milk ice cream, and it was still tasty.


So, I kept it simple this morning with avocado + english muffin.

Then... I did some goofing around...

(I can't WAIT to start giving you guys some DSLR food shot.  Unfortunately, these are still all Iphone pictures)

For lunch, I had a hummus + veggies + edemame wrap and some almonds.  I am really trying to keep my lunches light and simple.

Unfortunately, I was starving by 11 am and this went down pretty fast and didn't satisfy.  I had to run an errand for lunch, and somehow I found myself at Whole Foods.  I snagged up some tofu and grain salad, and after that, I was satisfied.

After work, I headed to Barefoot Studios for a surprise Live DJ'd Hot Yoga!  I suppose it wasn't really a surprise, since the owner announced it a few days ago, but it was out of the norm.  Barefoot has new heaters for their hot classes, and man-o-man is it hot.  I was wrung out and exhausted, but I really needed the class to put my head back in the right place.

I got home and did another Veggie Birthday bowl.

Then, I played with my new camera.  I am a bit overwhelmed by the camera, but I'm excited about the classes.

So, that was my huuuuuge recap post.  I know it was a lot, but I wanted to get caught up.  Also, you may have seen the vegan MOFO logo on the page..

So, I'll be participating this year, and I'll be trying to post every day.  I'm working on a theme for the month, and I'm really excited!  Stay tuned for more MOFO information!


  1. Yay!! So many yummy meals and thanks for the bowl ideas! Such a simple meal, but I still find myself searching for new "bowl" inspiration. I'm curious - what type of wrap/tortilla do you normally buy? I know Ezekiel is probably what's best for me, but I don't love the texture of those and yours looks good!

    1. i get some soft/low carby ones from Kroger. I'm not actually sure which one this is. I know I should get the ezekiel too, but they look so hard. I just bought a tortilla press, so I suppose I could start making my own. Now that could be awesome!

      i love love love bowls!

  2. There will also need to be high quality Bodhi pics!

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