Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Weekend in Pictures


Salad for Breakfast
Nail Painting
Sephora had a HUGE sale on OPI nail polish

Packed lunch of tofu eggplant sandwich.

Grocery shopping, workout planning and snacking.

First run back after a looooong time.

Friday night cooking!  Tofu and brussels sprouts with sriracha cashew cream sauce.


Vintage market!

OMG love swan measuring cups.

Then, I had lunch with my beautiful ladies.

Shopping for amazing baby stuff for one of my best girlfriends.

Post bar-hopping snacking.

Sunday Brunching.

All day cooking.

More nail painting.

Cooking a yummy dinner:  PPK Sausage, roasted potatoes and sprouts!  (Isa is the best!)

I'm getting amazing Bodhi cuddles, so I hope you enjoyed the weekend photos.  :)  Next week will be more good eating and workouts!  If you are in the Little Rock area and love yoga, the Barefoot West studio is free all week!


  1. Ha! Drew and I went to the vintage market as well! I'm sad we didn't run into you! Looks like a fun Saturday fo sho!

    1. AW! that stinks that we didn't see each other! I'm sure at some point we're going to cross paths :) Little Rock is not that big, haha.


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