Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tough Mudder Workout

After two amazing workouts yesterday, I woke up pretty starving.  I was really wanting an English muffin, but there weren't any in the fridge, so I went with a wrap.  I used the tofu recipe from this weekend, cooked it in the pan for a few minutes, and topped it with wilted spinach.  Under the tofu was a base of daiya cheese, which melted pretty nicely by the time I was done making snacks and lunches for the day.  Lunches that were un-needed, as you will see in a minute.

I had another salty snack mid-morning, and by noon everyone in the office was trying to think of what to eat.  There was one thing that really stuck out in my mind that I've been craving, and that was Indian food.  I asked Josh if he wanted to take me to lunch, and he was happy to take me.  Apparently, he had been craving Indian food as well.  So, we met up at Star of India, one of our favorite places in town.  Now, there are a couple Indian places around Little Rock, and they are delicious, but Star of India is the best.  If you want more vegetarian options on the buffet, I would recommend Taj Mahal, which is really good too, but the quality of the food at Star of India is amazing.

I loaded my plate up with salad and vegetables in the first round, along with some fried broccoli.  It was so yummy.  They have a hot sauce, a sweet sauce and a cilantro sauce that go great with the naan.

I went back to get a taste of the curry dishes available.  I have been a little disappointed that the amount of vegan dishes has decreased, seemingly.  There were two that I could have, and they were both delicious.  After this, I was in broccoli heaven!

I had to stop over at Whole Foods to pick up some nooch, so I grabbed some kung pow tofu for a snack, which I had before my INTENSE workout.

Josh signed up for the Tough Mudder today, which is a crazy endurance race.  He's doing it with all the guys at his office, and he's started running.  He hasn't, however, started cross training.  Yesterday, we read about 20 of the obstacles he's going to encounter, and he upped his game on the workouts.  I decided to do them with him.  He sent me the Tough Mudder boot camp workouts, and tonight we tried the first one.  The mudderling might seem cute, but it's not joke.  I had a body revolution workout scheduled, and this kicked its butt.  I can't wait to keep doing it!  After 30 minutes, we were sweating like crazy, and I was hooked!  I think this will be a great addition to my workout regiment.

Dinner was delicious.  I made another eggplant stack like last night, but I put basil and daiya wedges in the middle instead of spinach and tahini.  Yum!  I let it sit for a minute and really melt, then I covered it in sesame seeds and sriracha.  I'm also excited, because I ordered the Veggie Lover's Sriracha Cookbook AND Appetite for Reduction today.  My goal is to cook through several recipes from both and report back.  Anyone who reads frequently knows I put sriracha on everything, so I'm excited to learn some new tricks.

Overall, feeling really great and workout out really hard.  Off to soak my sore muscles!


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