Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mental Choices: Eating "Right"

I had a thought today.  I was jumping around my living room, trying to keep up with Jillian Michael's Cardio 1, and as she yelled, "THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, YOU HAVE TO WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT," I thought, what is eating "right?"  The general opinion changes constantly on what is good and what is bad, bread, fruit, fats, carbs... it's different year to year.

I had a moment where I thought, I should just always strive to eat foods I know are good for my body.  I know that is common sense, but I don't always do it.  So, my new plan is to stop being afraid of things that are full of nutrients (I'm looking at you, fruit) and stay away processed foods.  I still think that an 80/20 rule is good to follow, but there has been a lot more bad than good.

So, after all that, here's how today went...

Knowing that I would be on a job site all day, I decided to make myself a pretty hearty breakfast.  I got a wheat tortilla, a little Sabra hummus, spinach, carrots, hot sauce and a boca burger.

After crawling around a jr. high campus, taking pictures and notes, we decided to go out to eat in a very rural town in Arkansas.  Luckily, we found a restaurant that had at least some vegetables.  (Larry's Pizza)

I came back to the office around 3, and knowing I was going to have a good workout, I went and found a snack in the vending machine.

For dinner, having such a tasty breakfast, I decided to have it again.  This time, no hummus, add avocado!  I had some of my leftover salsa and chips on the side.

I loaded up on veggies and vegan protein packed foods at the store, so I hope to be bringing you many more tasty, healthy dishes.

Thanks for following me on my journey.  I know I've kind of gotten stuck in the mud and am spinning my wheels, but that happens, and the only thing that matters is pulling yourself out!


  1. We've all done our fair share of spinning, don't worry. Every day is a new opportunity to say Yes to a healthy You.

    So glad to see you had such a great time at the cabin! Looked pretty badass. And way to go on the hiking!

  2. Agreed entirely that doing the best for your body is not a straightforward thing, especially when number (calorie counting, percentages of healthy VS non healthy, etcc) come into play (I feel they always lead to disappointment as we usually set unachievable goals), but, just for the sake of it, can I point that if you are to cut down processed food, the burger classify as one as such? And so does the tortilla (unless you make it yourself)? Yep, it is sooo tough.

    1. I completely agree. I go back and forth between completely avoiding food like that to embracing them as easy. I know to really see any changes, I have to drastically clean up my diet

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