Thursday, July 11, 2013

Am I a Busy Body?

Architect (almost)

Earlier today, I was overcome to write in my journal about how my passions outside of my profession seemed to take over my entire thought process.  I spend a lot more time thinking about food than I do thinking about buildings. I think this is ok, though, because as architecture is my profession, I don’t believe it has to consume all my waking thoughts.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up my architect hat to try to make it in the food world.  Blogging is new to me, and therefore it’s in the front of my mind.  I am trying to get better at it, and I am trying to expand my knowledge of different things for the purposes of being better.  When I went vegan, I was consumed with all things plant based and read everything I could about animals rights.  Eventually, though, my fervor to learn more subsided, and I settled into veganism as just my normal way of life.  I still read vegan blogs every day, but I no longer feel consumed.

As this was mulling around in my head, I was having a conversation with my best friend about subscribing to a video learning website to try to get better at various software.  Jokingly, she called me a busy body, and it made me stop and think again about the feelings I was having this morning.

Am I a dilettante?

How many hobbies are too many hobbies?  I am hoping to embark on a new one very soon, photography, and as I amass a huge amazon wish list of camera parts and tutorial videos, I wonder if it’s just another thing that is going to take me further and further from architecture.  Now, obviously, photography would be a great skill to have in my design profession, but it’s another creative avenue that’s not buildings.

In The Nerdist Way, Chris Hardwick describes the nerdy phenomenon not as people who have to play D&D all day (although it’s fun) and collect star wars action figures (although they are awesome), but as people who become obsessed when trying to learn about the new thing.  I suppose that’s just what I am.  When I become interested in something, I almost get blinders on about everything else, and I must consume/purchase/read/think about that thing until I find something new.  I hope that this doesn't make me too broad in all things and not good at anything.

So, there was that.  On to food.

Breakfast was this amazing oatmeal.  It was pretty high in carbs and calories, but it was really delicious and kept me full until lunch.

Lunch.. oh lunch.  My phrase for the day was, "Mexican food, why can't I quit you?"  It's just so delicious.  We headed out to Senior Tequila, where I got a veggie taco salad.

Work is stressful, because I'm trying to finish up a bunch of stuff before I go on medical leave next week, but I found time to have a snack of almonds, olives and carrot shreds.  I thought I was eating a snack to burn through on a double workout, but by the time I got home from work my calves hurt so bad from Tuesday's workout that I knew I just couldn't do it.  I don't like skipping workouts, but I do like listening to my body.  Today, my body said no.

Since I had some extra time on my hands, I decided it was a great day to do some test recipes for a new cookbook, Going Vegan.  I can't tell you the recipe, but both dishes were great!  The recipes are healthy and filling, and you should be excited for the cookbook.  I will be testing more recipes, so stay tuned.

Here are some teaser shots.  Enjoy!

On the side, I had some cucumber mint coconut water I made up because it was hot out.  This was one can of coconut milk, 2 cucumbers, and 3 sprigs of mint.  It sat in the fridge for about 2 hours and was really refreshing.  I would suggest straining it before drinking.

I may have a lot of hobbies, but they are fulfilling, and I will keep doing them.  I am excited to get into photography and take some online software classes.  What's the point of living if you can't keep learning?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  What else do you do outside of your work life?  Does your work life give you complete fulfillment?


  1. i agree! while i need to complete my manuscripts by fall, i keep thinking about how i suck egg on the ukulele and how i want to make my dresser shabby chic! by the way, i think i am going to start EAT TO LVE on Monday. I need a bit more structure for myself and blog topics. what was your experience with it? Was it hard?

    1. Oh I am the same way. I'm always starting new projects that I never have time to finish, haha. There is a trumpet in my closet that I had cleaned 2 YEARS ago and have only played on it twice. Definitely give Eat to Live a shot. I remember it being very logical and good, I think I had a hard time with oil. There is a soup in the book that is mostly greens with blended cashews that is AMAZING! Let me know how it goes. Maybe I'll give the book another read to refresh my memory.

  2. Hmmm, yes, the oil is going to be hard. More so for me is the SALT. Some are sugar girls, I am a salt girl. Truffle salt, Himalayan pink salt, sea salt..... I will have to see how it goes. Maybe I will 10 to 15 pound in water weight.

  3. wait did i mention i also love Furikake which is japanese spice rice mix with seaweed and SALT, there is also rosemary salt, old bay seasoning and smoked salt. I REALLY love salt!

    1. oh girl, me too. people can have their sugar, give me SALT! i was making those recipes for the cookbook i'm testing for, and they had NO SALT, and i thought, "i'm not going to like this" but it was delicious, then i started to think, crap, i eat way too much salt. himalayan pink salt is my weakness for sure. it's so good. i can definitely tell when i eat too much salt though, my fingers swell really bad.

  4. I really appreciate this post and find it very interesting. My grad degree is in theatre and my career started in theatre performance, which shifted into theatre education and administration. In my past years as a theatre professional, I was always lamenting not having any time to pursue other interests since theatre was so very time consuming. A few life changes led me to my current profession as a legal secretary and I find myself longing for theatre endeavors on the side, but I just haven't quite figured out to make that happen yet. I still read plays and theatre journals/ literature, but it's not the same as actually being in the thick of it. At the same time, I know that if I was still involved in theatre as much as I once was then I wouldn't have had as much time to devote to learning about veganism, discovering how to cook (believe it or not, I did very little cooking as a vegetarian), and just having time to spend with Drew - all very positive changes. And Drew is an artist and extremely creative and now I have more time to pursue projects with him as well. I think I'm still discovering ways to spend/use my "down time." I'm very appreciative of it and still very confused by it sometimes. Haha! I have to remind myself to be thankful for the time to pursue other interests instead of being down on myself for not currently having a theatre job. C'est la vie!

    1. it's hard to make all the time you want for your passions. once i get through work and work out for the day, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else. i usually feel like if i'm not creating something, i'm wasting time. i am trying to learn to just enjoy a book or watch some tv. i'm trying really hard right now to carve out some time to paint.

    2. Yeah, that sounds like Drew too. He's always trying to find/make time to paint as well. I think when you are already working in a creative/artistic environment all day, it can make it harder to motivate yourself to spend free time on it as well, even though the application or medium might be different. :)

    3. definitely. i draw and sketch buildings all day, so when i get home, that part of me is kind of spent. i am trying to sketch more, though. i want to do some vegan paintings and give them away on the blog.

      i will say though that blogging has really helped fill this nagging feeling that i wasn't being creatively productive in my free time. i love writing, so i get to do that quite a bit. it's also helping me work out a lot of my inner thoughts about self esteem and body image. :)


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