Monday, July 8, 2013

A Deep and Savory Dinner

This morning, I was feeling that I needed something hearty to get my work week started.  I used the tofu I made this weekend, pan seared it quickly, wilted some tofu, toasted an English muffin and put it all together.  I wrapped it up in a paper towel so the daiya cheese I added could melt on my way to work.  It was delicious!

I had a snack of olives and pickled okra, and at lunch we headed to Izzy's.  I decided to start with their black bean soup, no sour cream, and I had their Isabella salad (add black olives, jalapenos and avocado.)  I haven't had this salad before, and it was really delicious.  However, I think I was a little ambitious with my lunch order, so I was quite full.  I still had room for my 4 pm snack of a peach.  There is nothing quite as amazing as Arkansas peaches.

This afternoon was all about killer workouts!  I headed to hot yoga and had an amazing 1 hour session where I sweat all of the toxins out from this weekend.  After yoga, I went on a 2 mile run, which felt amazing.  Josh went for a run also, and after we hung out with Bodhi.

When I got done with my workouts, I needed a great dinner.  Having some great leftover pieces, I got to work on a new recipe.

Savory Tofu Eggplant Stack

BBQ eggplant slices (see yesterday's recipe)
Veri Teri Tofu (see yesterday's recipe)
2 cups spinach

Savory Filling

1 1/2 tablespoon tahini
1/2 tablespoon sriracha
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar
salt and pepper

Mix sauce together and try to beat until smooth.  Use more or less sriracha depending on your desired heat level.  We know I like it hot.
Layer the dish together, using the savory filling to hold it together.

I cooked up the leftover squash mix from last night as well, and overall it really made the entire meal come together.  After a good workout (or 2), this meal really hit the spot!

Overall, I had a really good day, and I feel good.  This week, I am trying to focus on eating healthy foods and not necessarily trying to reduce my calorie intake too low.  I'm having surgery in a week, so I want to feel very strong.  My goal is to get in great workouts and eat very healthy.  Wish me luck!


  1. Your recipes look amazing! I am really enjoying your blog. It feels cozy...

    1. thanks so much! i checked out your blog too. love love love the concept.

  2. Thanks! I am def. a newbie blogger. Have you tried the Eat to Live Program? I might give that go for six weeks. Maybe do Eat to Live and Yogalosphy simultaneously.

    1. I read Eat to Live last year and liked the philosophy, but I found that way of eating to be very restrictive to me. For some reason, I love weight and feel better when I'm eating oils and fats and things like that, and I don't do so well when I'm eating a lot of vegetables with carbs. I need a refresher on it, though. I might give it another look. I had a lot of success with the Crazy Sexy Diet book. The detox in it is nice and resetting, even if I only do it once or twice a year.

    2. lose not love weight, haha

    3. I have never done yogalosophy, but I am a HUGE believer in yoga. I go 3x a week and it's life changing.

  3. You are so incredibly inspiring! I think we'd be friends in real life if we lived closer. I'm going to think about you the next time I think about putting off yoga and watching TV instead :)

    1. :) yoga is a life saver. my muscles hurt so bad yesterday that they were shaking in lunar yoga. i went though!

      today, however, i could barely walk, so i took a break. haha. sometimes you have to listen to your body :)

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