Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Celebrations

This Fourth of July, Josh and I spent relaxing at our house.  Most years, we travel all over the place or have a bunch of people over, but this year, we kept it low key.

We got up around 8, and I went for a run.  I'm loving couch to 5k, so I wanted to go ahead and get that out of the way.  After my run, I was pretty hungry, so I made a MASSIVE "breakfast" salad.

Massive Breakfast Salad

1 cup spinach
1 medium zucchini, shredded
5 black olives
5 green olives
1/4 block tempeh, cubed (marinate and cook if preferred, mine was plain)
1/4 avocado, cubed
1/4 cup shredded carrots
2 tbs miso ginger organic dressing

Josh and I started on our chores while the heat built outside.  I cleaned the house while Josh worked on the pool, then I joined him for some yard work.  We had lots of picking up in the back yard to do.  After a few hours, we decided to take a video game break.  We also had a few frozen drinks left over from our camping weekend, so we had those as well.

Josh and I decided to head downtown and catch the fireworks, so we called a cab and made our way to Rumba for dinner.  While the service was pretty slow, the food was delicious.  I got the veggie fajitas, because the last time I went to rumba, my tacos were very disappointing.  I was extremely happy with what I got.  The salsa verde was really good.  The fajita vegetables were cooked perfectly, and all the sides were delicious.  They even brought me guacamole because I didn't have cheese and sour cream.  Yum!

We finished dinner just when the fireworks started, and we watched that for a little bit before we left to catch a cab.  Overall, a great night!


  1. Hi Dana, sounds like a fun 4th! I'm with you on breakfast salads--sometimes they totally hit the spot. (Especially if you only have veggies in the fridge.) (-;

    Also, I recently discovered your blog, and wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can read more about it on my post:

    Please don't feel obligated to participate; I just think Vanishing Veggie is great and wanted to share it with my readers. Hope you have a great week!

    :-) Lee

    1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I will check it out. :)

      Breakfast salads are the best!

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