Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Science After Dark

I'm going to make this short and sweet, because I have had a long and fun day.  I got to eat lunch in Conner Park and read Game of Thrones, and after work Josh and I went to Science After Dark at the Museum of Discovery.  It was so much fun, and we got to wander all around and play with the displays.


Nutritional Information
Calories: 334, Carbs: 59 g, Protein: 14 g


I walked the pond loop, but I think in cooler weather I'll be able to do more hiking.  I'm sooooo happy that I found a beautiful place to eat.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 636, Carbs: 75 g, Protein: 16 g

At Science After Dark, I had a scottish ale from Boscos, and it was yummy!

By the time we got home, I was REALLY hungry.  I threw some tester sausages with a green pepper.  I also quickly made up some mashed cauliflower.  I topped it all off with a mix of tahini dressing and hot sauce.  Yum!

Nutritional Information
Calories: 629, Carbs: 53 g, Protein: 73 g

Nutritional Information for the Day
Calories: 1794, Carbs: 200 g, Protein: 104 g

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Conner Park in West Little Rock

Today, I made a discovery that made me extremely happy.  There is a park across the street from my office (mind you, a very busy street) that is BEAUTIFUL!

So, I work in the boxy white building with the Google marker, and the big pond is Conner Park.  I have known this park was here for a long time, but I've never gone over to it.  Since I have decided to take lunches back, I have been looking for healthy things to do during lunch.  I plan on going on walks some days and reading other days, and I think Conner Park is going to be the perfect place!


I had a job site meeting in Greenbrier this morning, so I wanted to get in a nice breakfast.  We still had some blueberry muffins left, so I warmed up one and had it with some chocolate coconut milk.  Yummers.

Nutritional Information
muffin, earth balance and coconut milk
Calories: 335, Carbs: 32 g, Protein: 4 g

I spent the whole morning out on the job site, which was fun.  I really like being out on a project during construction, because I learn a ton.  It's also really cool to see the designs that have only existed until now in your head come to life.  I always say that my favorite thing about architecture is to walk into a space and know everything about it, because it came out of your brain.


I got back in time for lunch, but I ended up going out again on my own.  I didn't pack my lunch today, because my boss has been out of town, and I thought this was a work lunch I needed to go to.  However, he was out, so I went on my own.  I think I'll still need to go to maybe 1 work lunch a week, but any lunches on my own will be a major improvement.

So, I headed to Whole Foods and snagged up some mock chicken salad and veggies.  Yum!  There were curry roasted carrots on the hot bar today, and they were really delicious.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 439, Carbs: 41 g, Protein: 20 g

Before I headed back to the office, I decided to finally check out Conner Park.  I was amazed at how beautiful it was, and I will be really happy bringing my lunch here in the future.  I am a little scared to actually walk across Cantrell Road, but we'll make it work.


For dinner, we had falafelogs out of the Going Vegan test recipes.  They were delicious, and the cucumber relish was really yummy too.  With sriracha, it was even better.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 475, Carbs: 82 g, Protein: 31 g

I also got super excited making my BENTO BOX LUNCH for tomorrow.  Weeeeeee!

Josh was laughing at me, because I was dancing around the kitchen singing about vegetables.  I'm really excited about my lunch tomorrow.

Nutritional Info for the Day
(with a snack of pumpkin seeds)
Calories: 1290, Carbs: 156 g, Protein: 57 g

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Taking Lunches Back!

As many of you know, every day I go out to eat lunch with my office.  It's an issue for me.  It's definitely not my favorite thing, and I blame a lot of my Little Rock weight gain on restaurant lunches.  Of course, people could say, "Why don't you just make better choices?"  Well, that's a fair question, but as a vegan in the south, a healthy option is not always available to me.  I dream about bringing kale salads and tempeh sandwiches, and this morning I finally decided that I need to take my lunches back.  I hope that I can swing it with the rest of my co-workers without feeling even more of a freak than I already am.

We'll see how the lunch problem goes in the coming weeks, but in order to really take control of my health, I need to take control of my meals.  On to food...


I had a bit of a late start, so I needed to grab something quick.  So, I had a blueberry muffin from this weekend and some coconut milk.  Plus, coffee... yeah.  I'm back on the coffee.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 235, Carbs: 32 g, Protein: 4 g

I had a surgeon checkup around lunch time, so afterwards, I headed to Whole Foods.  I had to kind of guess as best I could on the calorie count, but I kept the lunch lean and yummy.


I tried to break up my lunch into tofu, cabbage slaw and a small salad.  I looooove my Whole Foods salad bar, and this kept me full throughout the day.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 422, Carbs: 39 g, Protein: 10 g

After work, I headed home to get some cuddling with Bodhi.  I was excited that we got a package from our friend Cody who just got home from his Peace Corps mission.  Josh and I were soooo happy to get a beautiful textile and some awesome currency!

Thank you, Cody!  You rock hard!

I fixed up a snack while I was making dinner, which was wine and mashed potatoes.  Yeah, that may not have been the healthiest choice, but since dinner wasn't going to be much later, it was a filling snack.

Tonight's dinner was another tester for Going Vegan.  Unfortunately, I wasn't really hungry for a full meal after my snack, so I taste tested one log after it cooled.  I will have a full meal write up with these tomorrow.  They were really yummy, though.  There's also a cucumber salad to go with it.

Nutritional Info per Log
Calories: 128, Carbs: 19 g, Protein: 12 g

I calculated my calorie goals and didn't quite make it to 1200, but with snacking and the unknown Whole Foods calorie count, I'm sure I was over my minimum.  I wanted to listen to my body tonight and not force myself to eat a full dinner if I wasn't hungry.  I do that far too much, and it hasn't done anything great for me.

I am getting really excited about bringing my own lunches to work, so I made a pinterest board to try to consolidate some ideas.  I will definitely be making this corn and kale salad ASAP.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Looking for Motivation: Reddit

When dieting, sometimes you get stuck in the mud.  I feel like I've been stuck for a long time, and I'm searching for inspiration to kick my butt into gear.  When I get like this, I look to Reddit.  With hundred of sub categories, you can find just about anything on there.  For years, I have been following 2 subs that really motivate me, because they have amazing inspirational stories of people who have succeeded in weight loss.  Those subs are Progress Pics and Loseit.

I go to these two places to see what other people have done to get themselves in the game, and I find there is good advice here as well.  Where are places that you draw inspiration?

If you're wondering about those yummy pictures, that's Sunday's lunch.  Avocado toast is way too simple to give you a recipe, but I highly recommend it as a delicious lunch.

Most Monday mornings, my best friend Devon and I give each other goals for the week.  I think it's fantastic, and I thought I would give you guys a taste of what I'm hoping to achieve this week.

Dana's Goals for the Week
  • Stay within my calorie goals
  • Don't go overboard with drinking or eating when traveling next weekend (Fayetteville Trip!)
  • Try to get back into fitness (Doctors post-surgery checkup tomorrow morning)
  • Eat when I'm hungry, don't eat when I'm not!
  • Have fun running the Color Vibe!
So, let's have a good week, stay positive and make healthy choices!