Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Cooking

After a disappointing Friday night, I picked myself up Saturday morning and headed to the Argenta Farmer's Market.  I knew we were going to our friends' house for dinner, so I wanted to make a bunch of summer-y recipes to take to the bbq.

After the market, Kroger, coffee and washing my car, I returned home to cook up a storm.  I decided on Beyond Chicken Salad and Jicama Salad.  I also wanted to bring marinated zucchini, baby potatoes and corn.  YAY VEGGIES!

I marinated the zucchini in Organic ginger dressing, peanut oil, and salt and pepper.  I decided to cook the beyond meat before putting it in the chicken salad, but it made it tough, so I would recommend not doing that after all.  The taste freshly cooked was amazing, though, so I know I need to make fajitas soon!

The potatoes were just coated in oil and salt and pepper, and the corn was shucked, tied closed and soaked in water for several hours.  The bbq was a big success, and everyone said that the beyond chicken salad was really good.  I had mine on a hamburger bun.  We also got to play with the Oculus Rift, which is incredibly interesting.

Sunday morning, I decided it was a Low Carb Tofu Scramble kind of day.  Today, I felt it needed to be topped with daiya shreds, pumpkin seeds and lots of hot sauce. I also had some more beyond chicken salad for lunch.

After a day of reading and TONS of laundry, I decided to try out the Vegan Alfredo sauce I got at Whole Foods.  I warmed it up on the stove, as well as garlic, kale and green beans.  I also cubed tempeh and roasted that in the oven for a few minutes.  After cooking some whole grain spaghetti, the meal was done.  All in all, I wouldn't even call it a recipe because it was so simple.  It was really good, though.

Of course, this was also covered in pumpkin seeds and hot sauce.  It's pretty much the perfect topping to any meal.  I would buy this sauce again, and even Josh liked it.  They have several other flavors that I want to try too.


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