Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Veggie Vacation: Eating on the Road

What should we eat?!

So, last week I went to Myrtle Beach with my parents and the bf, and if you need a quick recap, here are some other posts I had about it.


While on Vacation (with terrible internet)

Photo Dump

My post today is about all the places we tried to find food while driving from Arkansas to South Carolina.  We left for my parents' house on a Friday morning, and I tried to eat whatever was left in the house.  I like to get a bunch of veggies in, because you never know what you'll get.

That's an english muffin with tumeric cashew cream covered in spinach, sriracha and sesame seeds.  That was really good.

We were still kind of hungry for lunch around 3 or so, which brings me to my first go-to travel restaurant


Subway is always there for you with a veggie sub.  I hear tales of locations where they have tofurkey slices, but here in Arkansas, there's none of that.  I'm usually jumping up and down when there's avocado or spinach.  This location had both.  I got a veggie sub (sans cheese) with all the veggies (minus tomato and lettuce, because they looked gross).  I had mine with water.  It did hit the spot.  There would be many more subway sandwiches in my future.

We arrived at my parents' house and cooked up a storm, but I will save that for another post.  We hit the road for our midway stop the next morning, so I cooked up another GET SOME BREAD AND COVER IN SPINACH breakfast.  My parents keep veggie sausages in the freezer for me, so I had a pretty massive breakfast.  My mom also has this amazing banana pepper relish that she makes from the garden, so this was absolutely delicious.  The bread is home made by my dad, the Bake Master.

Once we got hungry, we started googling restaurants near interstate exits we were approaching.  My mom found a Mexican Restaurant, so we pulled off for lunch.


As a vegan traveling, these are usually pretty save bets that I'll find something.  I can usually have chips/salsa/guac and stay pretty happy.  I even asked about their beans, and they assured me they were vegetarian, so I had a guac salad and beans.  

Hotel Continental Breakfasts

While not my favorite thing, I can usually find something at hotels.  We stayed in Douglassville, outside of Atlanta, and got up just in time to cram something in our mouths.  I picked up a banana, some peanut butter and a slice of toast.  That usually works just fine.

The second day of our trip down was pretty short, and we couldn't check in until 4, so we decided to pull off for a long lunch.  I was super happy when I googled around and found our next lunch destination.


Hippie Applebees, as we call it, but there's always some vegan cheese, tofu and tempeh on the menu.  I just learned that we are getting one in Little Rock, so prepare for more posts about it!  We pulled off and had some beers while we decided what we wanted.  I was STARVING, so we snacked on their very good hummus.  I went with a huge custom salad with tempeh and daiya cheese, and I have been thinking about it ever since.  I think I will try to make it at home this week.

Josh worked while I quickly passed out after lunch.  Two beers and a belly full of food will do that.

On our way home, we drove straight from Myrtle Beach through Osceola and on to Little Rock, so we had to leave REALLY early.  I think I scoffed down leftovers from the night before, which was a veggie burger.  More on that in another post.

We stopped again for lunch at subway, since we really didn't want to take a long lunch.  On the way to Little Rock, Josh and I called in dinner from Newk's and took it home to eat with Bodhi.  I modified their greek salad to be vegan.  I was actually pretty impressed by how much they gave me.

Bodhi was SO happy to see us!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of all the things we cooked at my parents' house and our condo!

Where do you eat when you travel?  What are your go-to restaurants?


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