Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The B is Back

Today, my sister and I started Jillian Michael's Body Revolution again (I did it for a few months at the beginning of the year), and it is a HARD workout.

I wasn't feeling great this morning, so I went with some solid food instead of protein shake.  I had wheat toast, earth balance mayo, relish, tofu and sriracha.

This breakfast (and an ice coffee) kept me going through an out of town job site meeting until lunch.  No one could decide what they wanted, so I suggested pizza cafe because they have good salads.  I had to ask for a lot of stuff taken off, but overall, it was still a good salad.

I spent the afternoon drinking green tea and working on forming up a building.  I got a new mug that will keep my tea warmer for longer.  It is quite exciting.

After work, my sister, Casey, came over for our first Body Revolution workout!  It was pretty awesome, and after I finished up the house work to prepare for our guests this weekend.  I needed something healthy and filling to whip up for dinner, so I went with a big summer salad.

White Summer Salad


1 cup spinach
1 small zucchini, shredded
6 small black olives (hiding under there)
1/4 block tofu, pressed and sliced
1/4 cup daiya mozzarella shreds
toppings:  cashew cream sauce, sriracha and salt

No directions needed, just put it all together :)

I followed up dinner with a few beers.  I think the hardest part about summer + working on the house is not having a beer with it.  I have switched to Michelob Ultra in an attempt to cut calories/carbs (plus for a cheap beer, it's not bad), but I know those are just wasted calories.

My weight loss has slowed to basically none, so I know I need to do some things to get myself back on track.  It's a journey, and I may be a little off the road at the moment.

Total Calories for the Day:  1317
Total Carbs: 94 grams
Total Protein: 53 grams


  1. I have that same "summer & beer" issue as well. I have one stupid pound left to lose to get to my goal, and then along comes the beer lol. Great blog post, really enjoyed it!

    1. Congrats on the 1 pound to lose! I am looking for about 70 more (10 down so far), and I know if I am losing steam after 10 pounds, 70 is going to be a long road. I am starting to add more workouts, and while my eating isn't terrible, I have room for improvement. Thanks for the motivation :D

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