Thursday, June 20, 2013

Missing the Bottom Step

You ever just miss the bottom step so to speak in your eating?  There you are, going through your day, eating fine, then BAM, you're eating chocolate cake and wondering why you feel so terrible?  I have noticed a steady decline in the level of attention I am paying my diet, and I am paying for it with my mood.  Breakfast (above) wasn't bad, raw zucchini, olives, sesame seeds, hot sauce, but I am starting to think that I need to include more snacks in my day, because my meals have become huge.

At lunch, I had to run a ton of errands, so I didn't head to Whole Foods until almost 12:45.  I snagged a few items off the hot and salad bar and headed back to work.  I also tried these bean chips to snack on in the car, because I had let myself get too hungry.  I am really a believer that allowing yourself to get too hungry is a major downfall to dieters.

We had a craft night after work, so I found myself BACK at Whole Foods before I headed over there.  I figured there would just be cheese and crackers, so I figured a good dinner was the right idea.  That would have been fine, if I then hadn't have been tempted by the chocolate cake.  Let me tell you, though, it was delicious!  The baked goods there are usually pretty good.  I'm not terribly adventurous when left to eat meals on my own.  I almost always find myself at Whole Foods, because I know I can get something I can eat.  Little Rock, why don't you have any vegan restaurants?!

This cake is really where I would say I "missed the step," because for the rest of the night, I snacked on crap.  I had a few crackers at craft night, a glass of champagne, and then when I got home, Josh had a HUGE bag of fries from Five Guys that needed to be eaten.  Damn.  I know I preach tolerance to yourself and forgiving your diet slip ups, and I forgive myself, but I also know I need to be more mindful about my choices.

I can't show you what I made at craft night just yet, but stay tuned.  I'll have company at my house the rest of the week, so my writing might not be as consistent.  No fear;  I will have a big weekend recap for you on Sunday.

I have agreed to do a color 5k in August, so starting Monday it's couch 2 5k for me.  I ran a half marathon a few years ago and enjoyed running, but I started to hate it and gave it up.  I'm going to give it another go, though, more to round out my workout routine and add some cardio.

I got the free app and will be testing it out.  Have you ever used it?  Do you like the program?


  1. Forgive yourself. Chocolate cake is yummy and you should have some now and again :D I didn't care for that app just because it doesn't tell you your pace or distance and there are ones out there that do. But I am not trying to knock it if you like it :D

    1. Hi lovely! I haven't tried it yet, so if you know of a better one (and I am willing to pay) we can look at it tonight. That was just the first one I saw.

      I have forgive myself. The cake was AMAZING, and I never eat stuff like that. Worth it. haha.

    2. forgiven. me speak english good.

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