Friday, June 21, 2013

House Guests!

My girlfriends have arrived from out of town, so there's lots of awesome cooking and wine drinking going on at Casa de Veggie.  Before I get to what we cooked up for dinner, I'll take you through the day.  I had to go down to Bryant, Arkansas, where we finished a huge high school expansion last year.  We were giving walk-throughs of the building for a local USGBC chapter.  I knew there would be boxed lunches, but I figured there wouldn't be Dana friendly box lunches, so I got in a lot of protein before we went.

To my happy surprise, they had a mostly vegan box!  I picked up the "southwest veggie" KNOWING it would be a wrap with tons of cheese, but to my surprise, the wrap was rice and beans + lettuce!  I gave the cookie away, but I did get into some fruit!

I needed energy to walk around this huge building.  I'm really proud of it, and it's most definitely the largest scale project I've ever worked on.  Here are a few professional shots we had taken awhile back by our photographer, Tim Sitler.

I only got to be one piece on a huge and amazing design team, but it's stuff like this building that make me proud I chose architecture as a profession.

My friends arrived at my house around 6:30, and we sat in the kitchen catching up and sipping wine.  I made a pretty simple dinner of baked bbq tempeh, walnut puree, and lots of snacky things.  I wrapped up my bbq tempeh in a savoy cabbage leaf with avocado and shredded carrots.  YUM!

My girlfriends are not vegetarian, but they are amazingly supportive and always willing to try new foods.  They end up making my recipes more then I do!  We have a lot of awesome cooking planned for the weekend, including a tofu scramble + brussels sprouts brunch!  Can't wait!

Here's what I was making at craft night.  We have started making each other gift bags when we come stay at each others houses.  I stocked it full of bright colors for glow yoga!


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