Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dieting VS Summer: The Battle Rages On

I am having quite a hard time limiting my carb and calorie intake these past few weeks.  I'm working out A LOT, and I don't feel like I'm consuming "binge" levels of food, but there's definitely a lot of hanging out/drinking beer/picnic style eating going on.  I am counting calories, but I think the hardest thing for me is limiting carbs.  I was losing weight when I was eating "semi-low carb," but I was eating a lot of the same things (read salad).

I did get up this morning and do day 2 of couch to 5k.  I didn't have any foot pain today, which I thought was promising.  I refueled after with hemp milk + protein, and I packed up a "breakfast" salad for later in the morning.  Hearts of palm are my new thing, so there's a bunch of them on the salad.

Lunch was Izzy's, but I REALLY wasn't feeling like a salad.  I gave in to temptation and got their veggie melt (w/out cheese) and sweet potato fries.  I haven't had their sweet potato fries in a long time, and they were so good.  I can tell my brain is in the "you are going to have surgery in a few weeks why bother eating right" mentality, which is completely backwards from the way I SHOULD be thinking.

When I got back to the office, my gift box from Joni at Just the Food arrived!  It was full of all sorts of awesome snacks, stickers, coupons, and even vegan condoms!  Crazy.

I had to try one of the snacks.  These bean chips were really good.  We ran around North Little Rock getting things for this weekend until about 8:30, so I'm glad I had a snack.  We are going to Petit Jean Mountain with some of our best friends this weekend, so we stocked up on board games and a few things for the cabin.  I will be making a TON of food, so tomorrow there should be recipes and prep work photos as I prepare for the trip.  I plan on making pineapple salsa, vegan chicken salad, tofu scramble, potato salad, and a quinoa fruit salad.  Yeah, might be over planning it a bit.  Oh well.

We found ourselves at US Pizza, and instead of getting a salad or their pizza, I decided to try their pasta. It was kind of a disaster.  I always forget that I don't like pasta right when it's too late.  Sorry for the bad pictures, it got dark on us on the patio.

Dinner kind of illustrated my struggle with eating/hanging out vs dieting in the summer.  I want to be more relaxed and less rigid about things, but I also have goals that I want to keep.  I'm very stalled out right now and struggling.  I need to remind myself that dieting doesn't have to mean living a life of less.  I just need to make that mental shift, and I haven't been able to lately.


  1. Great blog post. I find myself in the same boat. I have lost 30 lbs, but would love to lose 5-10 more. With the heat of summer an afternoon beer...or two is just so enjoyable!

    1. Congrats on the 30 lbs! I am down 10 and have been stalled out for a few months now. It feels so easy when you're in it, but when you begin to level off, it's very hard to jump back in. A two beer night in the summer is VERY enjoyable!

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