Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy and Productive Weekend: Picture Recap

Before I give you guys the run down on the weekend, I wanted to share this picture of me and my dad for Father's Day.  This pretty much sums up our relationship.  My dad is an engineer, and he has always pushed me to learn more and understand things.  He's awesome, and I love this picture.

So, we did a ton of stuff this weekend, mostly working on the house.  I did get in some cooking and vintage shopping, and I took a ton of pictures.  So, here's a photo recap of the weekend.

SoMa Vintage Market, 1st Weekend

Saturday, I headed to the Bernice Garden in Little Rock to meet up with Erin and do some vintage shopping.  This was the first weekend for the South Main Vintage Market, and I got some awesome stuff.  First, we stopped off at Boulevard for some coffee.  I even got to try one of the oranges on Erin's tree!  It was VERY tart.

They will be having a vintage market every month, and I highly recommend checking it out.  I left with a pitcher, a leaf plate, 2 sun mugs, 2 plant pots and an awesomely angry looking owl.  Yes, I will own to my Little Rock hipster-ism.  I love owls.

I thought the pitcher was super cute and perfect for sangria.  Lacking the proper ingredients for said drink, I set out to make what I will now call... Skinny Wine.

Skinny Wine

1 1/2 cups red wine (I used Bota Box Merlot, end of the bag)
(2) 12 oz cans seltzer water
1 peach, sliced

This is really watered down and chilled wine, but it wasn't bad!  Seems like this would be a good way to drink red wine + stay hydrated in the summer.

The rest of the day, we worked on cleaning out our offices and our craft room.  There is a LOT of stuff to donate and trash.  All this work made us hungry, so we had TACO NIGHT!  Unfortunately, I think my tacos were kind of a fail.  I wanted to try walnut tacos, but I cooked them too long, and they weren't great.  I will work on the recipe and come back with something better.  After taco night, we were both pretty comatose on the couch.

The one thing that did turn out pretty great was the cashew cream sauce.  It's just 1 1/2 cups cashews soaked for about 6 hours, blended in the vitamix with super hot sauce.  I added salt, pepper and lime juice as well.  The sauce salvaged the tacos, but the walnut meat wasn't great.  I think it would have been better raw.  I definitely liked the walnut paste tacos I made a whole lot better.

Sunday morning, I fixed up a quick breakfast, then it was more cleaning and a looooooong Lowe's trip, followed by more cleaning and organizing.

BBQ Tempeh Cabbage Wraps

2 savoy cabbage leaves
1/2 package tempeh, sliced thin and marinated in vegan bbq sauce
1/2 avocado
1 small zucchini, shredded
drizzle of cashew cream sauce and sriracha

This was a GREAT brunch and kept me full all day.  After I ate, I found out that I won a Vida Vegan Con swag bag prize package from Just The Food!  I will write more about it when the package comes.  Yay!  The rest of the day went like this...

For dinner, I threw together some nachos with the leftovers from taco night.  OMG, I haven't had nachos in years.  These were REALLY good.

VV's Blue Corn Nachos

2 huge handfuls blue corn tortilla chips (or any ones you like)
1/2 cup daiya mozzerella slices
6 small black olives
1/2 cup refried vegetarian black beans

Bake ingredients at 325 d F for 20 minutes

Let cool and add toppings!


1/2 avocado, chopped
1/3 cup hot salsa
drizzle of cashew cream sauce

Good end to a productive weekend.


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