Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beyond Meat at Tropical Smoothie!

It is a glorious day!  Today I realized that the restaurant RIGHT next to my office, Tropical Smoothie, is carrying Beyond Meat.  I kept hearing this in the vegan blog-o-sphere and reddit, but I wasn't really sure when it would happen at mine.

I had a pretty rushed morning, because I had a job site meeting out of town, so I grabbed a few snacks out of my vegan cuts box.  The sesame bar was really good.  I wish they had included a full sized one.  It was savory and yummy.  The mint bar was good too, but it was more like a treat.

On my way back in town, I called Tropical Smoothie to see if they had Beyond Meat, and they did!  I ordered the jamaican bowl without the cheese and add beyond meat.  This was REALLY good!

It was really spicy and yummy, and it kept me full for a good amount of time.  I had a REALLY stressful afternoon, but I kept the healthy vibe going and went to Kroger to get a bunch of healthy food.  I also picked up a salad from the chef on the run to eat when I got home.

I put the groceries away, grabbed some goddess dressing (and a glass or two of wine) and settled in to catch up on Mad Men.

Bodhi was really happy I decided to stay in and hang out with her.  I was kind of hungry by 10 or so, but I decided no late night snacking was the best route.  I didn't work out today, so I was trying to keep my calories on the lower side.  Here is my break down for the day.

My goal is to stay under 100 g of carbs, so I didn't quite hit it, but I think it was a pretty good day.  I got a lot of good feedback on my calorie goals, and I think I will be monitoring and tweaking it as I go.

Does anyone else use MyFitnessPal?  Calorie counting tips?


  1. I've been using MyFitnessPal for a couple of years and love it when I diligently log my meals! I know it helps me stay on track. If I try to estimate calories in my head, I will always overeat and allow myself too many snacks and treats.

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