Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back in the Groove

Today was a typical day, and I got in a good Jillian workout.  I started off with tofu scramble, and I made sure I had plenty of snacks!

Josh and I had lunch at Laylas on Rodney Parham.  It's one of our favorite restaurants, and I ordered what I always do, the Syrian Salad.  Sometimes, I get falafel on top, but I didn't today.  This salad didn't quite hit the spot, so I had a few more almonds later in the day.

I added to my desk garden and had some peanuts later in the afternoon.  These were WAAY too salty.  I felt like I needed to fuel before my Body Revolution workout, though.  So, I had them.

After work, my sister came over to work out with me.  I went ahead and threw the rest of the spaghetti bake in the oven and we started the DVD.  I would recommend Body Revolution to anyone that wants to follow a highly planned workout regiment.  I sent Casey home with a huge chunk of the leftovers, then I finished up what was still in the pan.  I also made up a salad with spinach, olives, carrots and hearts of palm.

I still had a bit of a sweet tooth, so I tried this kettle corn from my Vegan Cuts box.  I canceled my box, because the snacks were piling up quicker than I could eat them.  I still enjoyed a lot of the snacks, and I think if I had someone splitting the food with me it would have been better.

Total Calories for the Day:  1539
Total Carbs: 176 grams
Total Protein: 64 grams
Workout:  Jillian's Body Revolution workout 2


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