Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day In the Life of an Intern Architect

Last night on Reddit, I saw a post on what a typical day was for an architect.  I thought that was kind of a neat concept.  Since I usually give you my day breakdown by food, I figured one day I would give it to you by work/life (and of course, food).

5:45 am - alarm goes off.  Decide I stayed up too late reading Game of Thrones to go for my 2 mile walk.  Hit snooze.

6:30 am - get up, get showered.  Find clothes, put on light makeup, comb hair, pack yoga bag.

7:15 am - drink protein shake standing in the kitchen.

7:30 am - leave the house.  drive 20 minutes from North Little Rock to starbucks.  remind myself that I should be drinking green tea.  order venti americano with soy milk.

8:00 am - settle in at work.  check email, see what everyone is working on.  talk about any issues that have happened over the weekend.

8:30 am - review questions for Fire Marshall.  Continue responding to email, compile drawings/folders/questions to take to meeting.

9:00 am - review to-do items in WorkFlowy. Figure out what has been addressed.  Determine which need to be done today.

9:30 am - leave for Fire Marshall meeting

10 - 11 am - meet with State Fire Marshall to review preliminary code findings on current project.  Run through list of questions that need answers.

11:30 am - arrive back at office, check email.

11:45 am - leave with office for lunch.  Buffalo Grill.  Drink unsweet tea while running through projects with boss.  Order salad.

1:00 pm - arrive back at office.  Settle in to get some actual work done.  Look through podcast list and find something good to listen to.

1:10 pm - Type up code information.  Write email to design team about preliminary code research findings.

1:30 pm - Run through project checklist.  Find email from civil engineer.  Download survey for the project.  Send out to design team through ShareFile.

2:00 pm - Open Revit Architecture, begin 3d modeling building.

3:00 pm - Get in back and forth email chain with contractor about another project.  Resolve issue.

3:30-5:00 pm - continue working on Revit Model.

5:00 pm - get changed for yoga (I usually don't get to leave until 6, but Monday is my early yoga class)

5:25 pm - arrive at Barefoot Studios in time to get a space for class.  Enjoy hot yoga.

7:00 pm - arrive home in time to greet Josh before he goes for a run.  Head to the back yard to plant a basil plant and water herb garden.  Josh gets home from run.  Hang out with him and Bodhi on the back porch.

8:00 pm - help Josh work on shower in front bathroom.

8:30 pm - Taco Night left overs.  Waited too long to eat and thus eats large dinner.  Watch The Daily Show.

9:30 pm - take hot bath and read book.  Get workout clothes set out for morning bike trainer workout.

10:30 pm - get in bed, read about 10 minutes before falling asleep.

Not a lot of time for blog reading/responding to comments during the week.  Usually, I try to get in some of that before bed, but tonight I'm pretty exhausted, so it's just sleep time!


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