Saturday, May 18, 2013

US Pizza Has Great Customer Service

I started Friday off with another Breakfast Salad.  This kept me satisfied until well after noon.

After work, I headed to Whole Foods to pick up some lunch.  It was a beautiful day outside, so I decided to pull up a chair at one of the tables and enjoy the sun.

I spent all afternoon practicing ADA ramps for my test on Tuesday.  I did take a little break to go poke around in the garden.  There was a really long carrot stalk, so i decided to pull it.  What I found was pretty weird!

In reality, the carrots were pretty tiny.  There are a lot more in the garden that I will try to pull this weekend.  I don't know how much more they'll grow.  They're all kind of funny looking.

I found another one that looked like my tattoo!

When Josh got home, we headed out to run errands.  All that shopping made us pretty hungry, so we stopped off at US Pizza.  We settled in and read the Arkansas Times while we waited to be greeted by our waitress.  After about 10 minutes, at the MOST, the hostess came over and asked if we'd been seated.  Apparently, our waitress had dropped the ball and not come to see us yet.  We ordered a round of beers from the hostess and accepted their many apologies.  Then, the manager came over and offered to buy our round and offered even more apologies.  Josh and I hadn't even felt that put out, but the staff made sure that we were comfortable and happy.  We love our US Pizza, so we will of course be coming back.  There are many around Little Rock, but I think we've decided that the one on highway 67 in North Little Rock is our favorite.

We had our usual salsa and chips, and I ordered a half veggie sandwich, no cheese, add guac.  This US Pizza has new hot sauces, and they're both great.  I love sandwiches and hot sauce, so it was a great dinner.

We headed home to play some video games.  I had a glass of wine before I was ready for bed.  Nice end to a great date night.  Tomorrow is an all day study fest with a bachelorette and birthday party capped at the end.

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