Thursday, May 16, 2013

Recipe Pinned by VegNews!

So, after I ordered some pretty gritty protein powder, I have been in search of a new one.  When I got my vegan cuts box last month, there was a pack of protein powder included.  I brought it in to work this morning to try it, and I was not impressed.

After giving this a really good shake, it was still SUPER chalky and thick, so I bailed on this breakfast choice and broke out my snacks.

I have been thinking I should branch out a little bit in the breakfast area.  A protein shake is just SO easy.  I still haven't found a brand I'm completely in love with yet, though.  Any suggestions?  I used to drink Vega every morning, but the expense + high carbs have made me back off a bit.  It's still the tastiest/most nutritious that I've had.

I ran around the office trying to fix some computer issues, and I got a little hungry, so I raided the cabinets for some crackers.  I usually try to stay away from these, but I didn't want to go to lunch starving and make a bad food choice.

Everyone in the office decided it was a Chinese food day, so we headed down the street to Forbidden Garden.  I usually get the steamed tofu and veggies that you have seen in previous posts, but today I was feeling some curry.  I ordered their veggie curry, no rice, add tofu.  Yes, for some reason they have curry here.  I also got some of their hot tea, which i think is pretty good.  If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of tea.

After work, I checked my blog stats and noticed that I was getting an increase in readers.  I couldn't really figure out what was going on, until I casually started looking at pinterest.  I saw one of my pictures, which isn't unusual, because I pin them to my Vanishing Veggie recipe board.  This, however, was a pin from VegNews!!!

I probably got overly excited, but VegNews is a pretty established big deal in the vegan community, and to be pinned on one of their boards made me really happy.  You can see it here.  So, I was pretty pumped.

I took all that positive, happy energy and headed to my Lunar Flow yoga class.  My friend Erin even came, which was awesome.  I have missed this class for months, and I'm SO happy to be back.  Afterwards, Erin and I headed to Shogun for some veggie sushi.  This place used to be pretty nice, but it's kind of run down now.  My pictures didn't really turn out, because the lighting was so bad.

This is all I managed to get, but we had a pretty nice little feast.  There was miso soup, seaweed salad, ginger salad, hibachi vegetables, edemame, and veggie sushi.  It was a nice ending to a great afternoon.

Total Calories for the Day 1339

Total Carbs 120


  1. After a LOT of trial and error i lovelovelove this protein powder-
    Its a good price and dissolves well, tastes good i mix with almond milk. And definately get a "blender bottle", or whisk protein with liquid as you add it to reduce clumping.


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