Thursday, May 9, 2013

Low Cal/Low Carb Dinner: Tofu Eggplant Stack

I am fully back in the swing of things, and so today I thought I would bring you a recipe.  This one is pretty plain and simple, so I think adding things like oil or marinade would do it some good, but if you want a low carb, low calorie meal, then dinner tonight is for you!

First, here's the run down of the day.  I'm back to protein shakes again, which I think is a productive way to start my day.  I followed this up with two morning snacks, almonds and olives, and then tamales for lunch at Izzy's.  (Yes, Izzy's two days in a row.)  I opted out of the chips today and went with their steamed veggies.

This was filling, plus I had eaten all of my snacks, so no afternoon snacking.  I was pretty hungry when I got home.  I'm not exactly up to workouts yet, so no yoga this week.  I figured I could cook something up healthy and yummy.  I got home and cut and pressed some tofu, and I also sliced eggplant, salted it and wrapped it in towels as well.  All of this went under a pizza stone and sat for an hour or so.

Sorry for the horrible tofu picture.  That one just needed to be retaken.

The outcome, though, was tasty

Tofu Eggplant Stack with Turmeric Cashew Cream Sauce

1/2 eggplant, peeled and sliced
1 block of tofu, sliced and pressed
1 c cashews, soaked overnight
1/2 tbs turmeric
3 squeezed limes
salt and pepper to taste

Once the eggplant and tofu had time to release some water, I put them on an oiled baking dish and roasted at 350 for an hour.  I think the tofu was good at the full hour, but in the future I will back off the eggplant to less than that.  It was a little dried out.

To make the cashew cream sauce, just add the remaining ingredients to your blender, adding water if necessary.  My intention was to do a curry cashew sauce, but I was out, so I went turmeric.  It was still tasty.

Once everything was ready, I assembled the pieces in to a stack and added some steamed green beans on the side.  It was a light and yummy dinner!

I finished the night off with a spoonful of peanut butter for dessert.  That's kind of my weakness.

Total Calories for the Day:  1300

Total Carbs:  122


  1. I LOVE those tamales at Izzy's!!!!!!!!!!! And that stack looks delicious!

    1. they are soooooo good! the stack was good. i think the recipe needs a little work, haha. i think i will try tonight with wilted spinach in between

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