Friday, May 24, 2013

Day of Simple Eating

Haven't left for vacation left, but we're packing now.  Here are shots from my last day at work.  Pretty simple eating, really.  Lunch at Trios.  Trying to eat everything we have in the house before we go, so the meals are a little random.

Spaghetti and tofu for breakfast.
(1/2 that tofu shown, the other half is in dinner)

New haircut for the beach!

Veggie avocado sunflower seed sandwich with side salad at Trios.

The rest of the eggplant covered in nooch with slices of tofu wrapped in cabbage.

Packing for the beach!  Man, our bedroom really needs a coat of paint.  It's pretty bland, huh?  We have big remodel plans for the house, but we just haven't executed them yet.

Nails are ready for the beach!

Stay tuned tomorrow for scenes from Osceola, our first stop on the trip!


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