Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Buffalo Grill Guac Salad

Sorry this post is coming so late today.  I had a test today and I'm just getting home.  Eeep.  Guess I'll know in a month if I'm an architect or not.

I started Monday off with a new rice protein powder from Whole Foods, which I took one sip of and had to throw out. WHY can I not find a protein powder that I like?!  Luckily, I had some Vega One in the pantry, so I brought that to work.

I spent the whole day worrying about my upcoming test.  I did have time to find some snacks.  Morning was olives and pumpkin seeds, afternoon was goddess dressing and green pepper.  Isn't the carrot container cute?  I found it at Kroger.

The office was pretty empty, but a few of us headed to Buffalo Grill for lunch.  This is kind of a greasy burger place in West Little Rock, but they do have a veggie burger, baked potatoes, and a pretty great guacamole salad.  This usually comes with chips, but I opted out.  Sometimes I add black beans, and that makes this a REALLY filling lunch.  I make due with what I have here.

Around 4 o'clock, I really started freaking out about my test.  So, after work I headed home to practice the drawing part several more times.  Josh offered to bring home dinner, and we decided to order from Newk's.  I have eaten here once when it first opened, but we have never had takeout.  I ordered a half veggie sandwich, no cheese or pesto, but I added some Earth Balance Mayo.  I also had a side salad with it, minus cheese.  This was ok, but I didn't have to cook, and I could keep studying.

I couldn't sleep all night, and the storms didn't help.  I can't believe how crazy these systems have been the past few days.  I'll have more about my tests and things tomorrow.  Josh and I are gearing up for a beach trip, which we are VERY excited about.  We have our house/Bodhi sitter all lined up!  We have some really amazing friends in Little Rock that give our kitty lots of love when we are away.

No calorie counting today.  I am trying to be on the wagon, but I don't think I'll be in the driver seat until we get back from vacation.


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