Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spaghetti Squash Rocks

I woke up today with some pretty horrible back pain.  It was worse than yesterday, but I'm trying to manage with a lot of ice.  

Breakfast was cereal again.  These pack a pretty good protein punch!

My snacks made me very happy today as well.  Sabra has to be my favorite store bought hummus!

Happy Dana!  Give me those carrots!

We had a big office lunch at Izzy's again.  This time I got some green tea as well as soup.  On their menu, they have a southwest chicken tortilla soup bowl that comes with a lot of sides.  Since the wait staff are so amazing, they subbed their vegan mexican vegetable soups and gave me lots of avocado and jalepenos.  This soup was really good, and with all the peppers it was pretty spicy.  I go back and forth on whether I want to eat things like tortillas, but I was feeling it today.  

Tonight's dinner was nice and light.  I baked a small spaghetti squash and had that with salt and pepper and a little braggs liquid aminos.

I also baked some plain tofu for a half an hour at 350 degrees F, then I put it in a pita with hummus, spinach, carrots and hot sauce.

Estimated Calorie Count:  1300


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