Friday, April 12, 2013

So Many Vegetables!

I had a really wonderful day.  The stress at work is letting up quite a bit, and I can't tell you how much easier that makes staying healthy.  I am LOVING my "new" way of eating, and the only down side is that I'm finding it a little difficult to eat 1200 calories.  Breakfast was another round of tofu scramble and coconut milk.

I actually spent the afternoon listening to Tim Ferris on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, and it got me thinking a lot about protein and diet.  I have Tim's 4 hour work week on audiobook to listen to this weekend while I'm cleaning, and I think if I like it, I'm going to get his 4 hour diet book as well. One of the big things he recommends is 30 grams of protein 30 minutes after waking up.  So, I'm going to try to pack in a little hemp milk and protein powder instead of the coconut milk.  I like a lot of self-helpy type books, so this is kind of in my wheel house.  If you are nerdy and you like Chris Hardwick, I highly recommend The Nerdist Way.  There is some pretty good info in there about health and diet.  It's motivational and funny more than anything.

I had almonds for morning snack, and then we went to Fu Lin for lunch.  I got my usual steamed veggies and steamed tofu, but this time I didn't put soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce all over it.  There is some spicy mustard and a lot of hot chili.

I think this is a really fantastic lunch, and it was really filling.  I wasn't exactly hungry for my late afternoon snack, but I knew I had yoga pretty late, so I went ahead and had my goddess dressing and veggies.

Seeing all this beautiful green food makes me really happy, and I'm REALLY digging the slight tweek in the diet.  I feel lean and strong.  Yoga was one of THE BEST classes I've had in a long time.  I felt lean and there was no negative inner dialog going on.  I came home bouncing with happiness and showing off my flying pigeon on my back.

I made dinner around 9, which consisted of spinach, olives, baby bellas, bell peppers, walnuts and a few sesame seeds.  I finished it with oil and balsamic and a little salt and pepper.  MAN, this was good.  I forget just how amazing salads are.

I was craving something sweet and was still pretty far under my calories for the day, so I had some coconut milk for dessert.  

Since I have been doing this for a little bit now, and I'm finally starting to notice a change, especially in my belly, I would have to say that snacks and small meals seem to be the key for me.  I used to eat 2-3 large meals a day, and that never seemed to work.  I would ALWAYS over eat and feel sluggish.  Now, if I keep myself constantly fueled, I make better decisions and have more energy.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm starting to feel a happiness and confidence that I haven't felt since I moved to Little Rock 4 years ago.



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