Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simple Dinner and I'm addicted to Whole Foods

I think I'm addicted to Whole Foods.

Out running errands every day this week, around 12:30 I have found myself standing at the salad bar.  Today was no different.

I don't think this is a bad thing, and since my salads have been on the lighter side, it's not as taxing on my wallet.  I complain so much about having to eat the same non-vegan friendly food at local restaurants with my co-workers, I am pretty happy that I have taken all of the lunches so far this week for myself.  Ultimately, I would love to bring my lunch and just go sit outside, but this is not the culture that I currently exist in.  sigh...

Anyway, I got up really late and didn't have time to throw together the proper snacks for the day, so I just grabbed a protein shake and an avocado.  I ate half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

I had to run out at lunch, so I found myself back at Whole Foods.  Today's lunch was spinach, artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms and sunflower seeds.  It was really good.

I was worn out from my workouts this week, so I decided to do some things around the house instead of going to yoga.  I went grocery shopping, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and went over to my sister's house to fix her bike.  Before I did, though, I downed some pumpkin seeds.

I think we are going to designate Wednesdays as Dana/Casey bike ride or walk time.  This makes me quite happy.  They just built a big new bike trail behind her house in North Little Rock, and I have really wanted to check it out.  She also got a dog recently, and he's pretty awesome as well.

When we got home, I whipped up dinner for Josh and I.  I am mulling over a post on living in a non-vegan/vegan house and dinner time, etc.  Does anyone have that issue?  Do you cook meat just not consume it, or do you live in a meat free house?

My dinner was great and quite simple!

Olive Oil Baked Tofu with Sauteed Summer Vegetables


1 block extra firm tofu, pressed and sliced into strips
3 small zucchini
1 small red onion
5 button mushrooms
balsamic vinegar
olive oil (garlic infused if you have it!)
salt, pepper and Ms. Dash

Once the tofu was pressed, I drizzled it in olive oil and added spices, then I set it in the oven at 425 d F for about 30 minutes.  Then, I chopped the veggies.

I cooked these down with olive oil infused with garlic for about 20 minutes, adding balsamic and salt and pepper to taste.  I thought they turned out pretty good.  Very simple.

This pretty simple dinner didn't take long, and it hit the spot.

I had a second helping of the veggies, because they were yummy.  I think I'm going to try to cook a meal for Josh and I at least one night during the week.  He had oven baked chicken fingers with his veggies, but I'll save that conversation for another post.

Total Calories for the Day:  1455
Total Carbs:  67


  1. First of all, I am jealous of all of your Whole Foods salads for lunch! I really wish I worked closer to Whole Foods - I would be standing at that salad bars many days too!

    I have been working my way through some of your older posts. (Can you tell I haven't been very busy at work lately? ha!) And it's really cool to see how much you've learned throughout your year of blogging and it's evident how far you've come in your quest for good health! It's really exciting and inspiring to me. Plus, I'm just enjoying picking up some new ideas for meals. I fall into ruts a lot and I need to change things up more often so we don't get bored with meals and turn to snacking on things we don't need.

    I wanted to comment on the whole living in a vegan/non-vegan household. I realize that I am very fortunate to have a partner that eats the same way I do. But, it wasn't always that way. I was vegetarian before Drew and I became vegan together and I chose to not cook meat for him. We lived in different states for a little while and when he moved to Little Rock, we both had our own places. He kept meat at his place, but I did not. When we moved back in together (which was before we got married), I told him that I had lived without meat in my fridge for a long time and I didn't want to keep it in the house. He agreed, but would order meat dishes when we went out to eat. But, he basically ate vegetarian most of the time by default because I didn't want meat in the house. I knew it put a new pressure on him, but it worked out okay for us. I know that's not the case for everyone. Like, Bianca and Paul have been living together for many years and he eats/keeps meat in the house, but she's been vegan for a long time. Bianca was actually part of a panel discussion about this very topic at the last Vida Vegan Con. We should chat about it when we get together!

    1. hi sheridan! i love that you're going back through older posts. sometimes i just go down a rabbit hole hitting the "you might also like" panels on the bottom. i think the blog has evolved just in the past year. i think the detox in january really pushed me into a whole new realm, so i'm thankful for that. i feel like i need to really focus on the healthful side of everything. makes me feel good.

      i think it's an interesting topic, the meat eater and veg. my whole thing is that i don't want to push my belief system or habits onto another person. i know that josh really respects my choices, and he's my biggest cheerleader, but it might not be his choice to live. so, we keep meat in the house. it doesn't bother me. i have learned in my 6 years of veganism that you have to find your comfort level and amount of good you can do.

      josh and i were living together in fayetteville when i went vegan, and when i lost my job and we decided to move here, he stayed there for 6 months to finish up things at work.

      josh eats vegan meals most nights at home with me. we are definitely having a good time cooking through different cookbooks. if left to my own devices, i would eat quinoa and broccoli for dinner every night, so having him share meals with me keeps me creative in the kitchen.

      i REALLY want to go to vida vegan con next year, but we'll have to see how it schedules with the wedding/honeymoon.

      can't wait to get together soon! :D

    2. I hear ya on eating quinoa and broccoli every night! haha! I, too, REALLY want to attend the next Vida Vegan Con! I've so badly wanted to go and support Bianca and just experience the whole thing, but the funds and time to take off work have not been there in the past. I'm really hoping I can change that next year!

    3. i got all excited because i saved vacation time this year to go, only to realize it's every 2 years, haha. sigh. i REALLY want tot try to make it next year. i feel like i would get vegan celebrity star struck, and then eat like 10 pounds of vegan donuts. best trip ever.

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