Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Studying and Simmering

I'm not usually good about blogging on the weekends, but I have been at my computer studying, so the urge to blog was strong.  I have also been cooking quite a bit.

The morning brought the urge to make up some tofu scramble for the week.  This is the same low-carb recipe that I have been doing a lot, but I keep tweeking the recipe just a little bit.  Today, I added chopped eggplant and a whole lot of savoy cabbage to the mix, and I subbed steamed brussels sprouts for the green beans.  I like the green beans, but they're a little awkward when eating the scramble.  I think the more compact sprouts will go over well.  The key to tofu scramble is to not be afraid of adding spices.

Since I already had the cabbage out, I figured I'd get a good brunch in with avocado and tofu scramble stuffed cabbage leaves.  These were really delicious, and it made a meal that kept me full most of the day.

I spent the afternoon in our "den" studying.  This room is pretty horrible, but we're planning some housing remodel when I get finished with my tests.  This room used to be the garage, but it was enclosed before we bought our house.  We'd like to turn it into a real dining room, but it's currently being used as a sitting/studying room.  Josh and I are often in the orange chairs reading Reddit on our tablets.  It does make a good study room.

After practicing 3 of the vinyettes, I rewarded myself with some coconut ice cream before I moved on to flash cards.  I spent the next several hours sorting through my cards, which was fueled by some skinny popcorn from my Vegan Cuts box.  This snack was really good too.

At around 8:30 I was done studying, and I felt like making a nice dinner for Josh and I.  I made up a whiskey/seltzer/lime, put on some Mad Men, and got to cooking.  He had actual spaghetti and meat balls, salad and bread, while I made up some sauteed eggplant cooked down in tomato sauce over raw zucchini "pasta" and topped with artichokes and olives.  I tried the vegan parmigiana from my cuts box, but it was pretty mild, and I couldn't really taste it.

My only regret for this dish was that I ran out of tomato sauce and didn't have anything on hand to make more, so our dishes were a little dry.  It was still really flavor-ful and yummy, though.

Do you spend a lot of time cooking on the weekend?  Ever sub zucchini for pasta?


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