Monday, April 1, 2013

Fooling Myself

I have been on a "healthy eating path" since the beginning of January, and it's now the beginning of April, and I feel I don't have anything to show for it.  I will go down a few pounds, my clothes will feel better, then I just snap back.  I have been fooling myself that I'm taking this seriously.  I work hard during the week, and then I completely fall apart on the weekends.  I will have one bad week and completely undo everything.  This is not the way to success.

When I went vegan, I just did it.  I wasn't tempted, and I didn't cheat.  I cannot seem to find that motivation around losing weight.  I want so badly to succeed at this.

Josh and I have been buying camping supplies and planning our trip, and in the back of my mind I keep wishing that I was in better shape.  It's really really time to get serious and stop sabotaging myself.

I feel like I've been a broken record on here for awhile, and you are going to see some motivation coming from me!  Please send me thoughts on how you stay on track, or just tell me to get my act together.

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