Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy and Lovely Weekend

I got so busy this weekend that I didn't even give you a Friday recap.  I did spend most of the night watching the news about Boston.

Friday was great.  I ate well and went to hot yoga, but I was definitely distracted all day.  The news media can really suck you in.

Saturday was full of spring cleaning and yard work.  I made tofu scramble, then I kind of forgot to eat until dinner.  After rebuilding an entire planter in our front yard, we deemed Mexican Food the proper reward.  So much for low-carb, haha.

Sunday we got up went to Hardees.  I brought my breakfast.  Then, we rented a truck at Home Depot and lugged home the TON of stuff needed for plants and things.  Sunday night was spent reading Reddit and doing laundry.

Here is your photo-recap snap shot:




The recipe you see is for Garlic Biscuits.  I got it off of VegWeb YEARS ago.  This might actually be one of the first things I made after going vegan.  These are SO good.  Josh asks for them a lot, and I make them at parties as well.  I tweek the recipe every time,  but this time I used hemp milk, garlic olive oil, chia seed egg instead of flax (ground chia seeds, use 1 tbs and whip with 3 tbs water, makes a gooey egg that is great in baking) and added a bunch of spices.  I may have eaten like 3 of these.

I gave Bodhi a bath, because she spent the weekend out in the dirt with us.  Little thing was pooped.  

I'm ready for a great week!!


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