Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Bella Tempeh Tacos

Today was an AMAZING day.  I have been feeling really strong and happy, and I got in a killer workout.  After listening to the podcast yesterday with Tim Ferris, I started off the morning with over 30 grams of protein!  I had a cup of tempeh milk mixed with pea protein and tofu scramble with pumpkin seeds.  It was awesome and kept me really full all morning.

I wasn't really hungry for a morning snack, but I went ahead and had my almonds so I wouldn't be tempted to eat tortilla chips on my lunch date.

Lunch was at Moe's with my friend Amber.  I used to have lunch with her here most Fridays, but work got crazy and I haven't seen her in ages.  We have to keep this up, though, because she's awesome.  Above is their salad with tofu, sauteed peppers and mushrooms, pico, guac, jalepenos and olives.  I topped it with a little salsa.  This was VERY yummy.  I used to get this salad all of the time (with beans and rice) and still be starving if I didn't have chips, but this really hit the spot.  I am finding that when I eat smaller meals continuously, I no longer feel the need for big ones.

The afternoon was AMAZING.  I cleaned my road bike and took her out for the first ride of the year.  (I know it's April)  I did about 8 miles before I headed into Barefoot Studios for Jack's hot yoga class.  I haven't been to this particular class yet, and it was TOUGH BUT AWESOME.  (using a lot of exclamations today)  I was so pumped full of absolute happiness after this double workout.  I was also pretty pumped, because I'm down 10 pounds for the year, and it's slow, but I'm really starting to get traction.

I was SO sweaty.

I came home and it was TACO NIGHT, which is one of my favorite nights.  You will probably see a variety of tacos on here in the future.  So, I'll get to the recipe!

Baby Bella Tempeh Tacos

8 baby portabello mushrooms
1 package organic tempeh
1 can hot rotelle
1 jalepenos
1 tablespoon peanut oil
1 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
salt and pepper to taste

Saute the baby bellas in hot oil, then add the can of hot rotelle without draining it.  In a separate pan, boil the tempeh for about 10 minutes.  Drain the tempeh and smash with a potato masher.  Add tempeh to the mushrooms/rotelle mixture, then add the spices.  Cook down until all the water has absorbed.

Nutritional Breakdown:

Per 5 servings (2 tacos per serving)

calories:  152, carbs:  12,  fat: 7,  protein:  10

As you can see above, I added about 1/4 avocado to each taco and put it all on savoy cabbage.  These were really great.  I have tried a lot of things for my tacos:  tofu, beans, lentils, but I like tempeh the best.  It is a little higher in carbs, but I really love it.

Instead of chips, I sliced up some celery and raw zucchini to dip into salsa.

The only downside to the day was that I didn't eat anything right after my workout, and I had a bit of a crash.  After re-hydrating  I had 2 michelobe ultras and felt TERRIBLE.  I probably should have had more water.  Live and learn.

Total Calories:  1355

Total Carbohydrates:  76


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  2. I love the sound of these tacos! Such a beautiful and bright summer dish and I love that they are meatless! They sound hearty and nourishing.


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