Friday, March 15, 2013

Up one day and down the next

Today is one of those days where I just couldn't stop eating.  It started out well enough, avocado "breakfast taco,"  healthy lunch, but I was home all afternoon, and somehow the kitchen just kept calling for me.

As I sat studying, I continued to snack.  I even went so far as to warm up some waffles, cover in earth balance and slather with maple syrup.  At about 4, I called that dinner and decided not to eat again.  Josh came home, and we went for a 3 mile walk in the beautiful afternoon sun.

That wasn't dinner though.  There was beer.  Then there was stir fry.  If this blog is to be a true expression of the ups and downs of dieting, then I want to truthfully express the downs.  Today I definitely over ate.  I know, though, that it was just one day, and I'm on a downward trend.  The key between now and all the other times in the past is that I will move on with positivity from this and continue to eat well.  Today is just a day.

Here are some highlights:

took one bite and threw away.  maybe i'm eating too much salt...

lunch part 1

lunch part 2

lunch part 3, tempeh with spinach, carrots and hummus

anyone else study like this?

study snack

dinner serving 1 out of 2

So, yeah..... I don't know what my calorie count for the day is, probably around 2500.  I need to do better the rest of the weekend.  Key is to keep my stress levels down.

How do you handle the weekend?  I would love to hear from others struggling with food.


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