Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sushi Date

Today has been a good day.

I was fairly starving all morning, but after my pistachios snack, I did pretty well the rest of the day.

Josh and I got up before work to do a 2 mile, hilly walk.  After being hungry when I went to bed last night, all I could think of was avocados!  I microwaved two small corn tortillas until they were hard, then I split a half an avocado between the two.  A little pink Himalayan salt and some strawberries later, BAM, breakfast.

Snacks one and two came rather quickly today.  I just couldn't seem to shake the hunger.  Perhaps I did not eat enough protein for breakfast?  I had my apple at about 8 and the nuts at 9.

I joined the office on our lunch today, and everyone wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.  We avoided mexican for now (hello 1000 calories in chips), and I tried to put together something healthy at BWW.

I ordered their black bean burger, no bun, no cheese and a side salad, no croutons or cheese and salsa for dressing.  Much like last night, you can find something to put together if you try hard.

After work I went to an architecture lecture, and that was followed by some great conversation and sushi.  I may have ordered too much.  We started with some edemame...

(hi erin's elbow!)

I misread the menu and thought i was ordering a seaweed SALAD and two rolls, but oh well.  I ate about half of the seaweed salad rolls before I started picking the insides out.  I did, however, eat all of the other two rolls.  I like sushi sans fish.  I do think, though, that my favorite is just a plan avocado roll.  They're so creamy.

So, that was my food intake for the day.  I think the sushi might have been a bit much, but I'm not stuffed.  I still stayed about 1400 calories by my count for the day, and I got a short workout in this morning.


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