Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rev Room Review

Last night, Josh and I went out to see Jim Gaffigan with my sister and her boyfriend.  The show was hilarious, although a bit too short.  Before comedy, we went in search of food.  The Rev Room on President Clinton Avenue has always been a good place to get drinks and some veg friendly food.  They have a new menu, and it has even more veg friendly items!  Click HERE for more info.

This week is turning out to be incredibly stressful for Josh and I.  We should have stayed home working, and we'll continue to work pretty much non-stop all through the weekend.  So, we were in need of a little relaxation.

I started off with some wine, and Josh and I decided to try their mango salsa. This was REALLY good, and it tasted very fresh.  This week has still been kind of a disaster on the healthy eating front.  I'm having a hard time getting back in my groove, because work is taking up so much of my focus.  I'm even having to skip yoga classes just to keep up with everything I have to do.

I got the California Free Love tacos on flour tortillas.  I asked for no cheese but add guacamole.  These had spinach and portabellos and were REALLY good.  I got the corn salad and sweet potato chips as a side.

Obviously, this is not diet food.  I'm still struggling with that.  When I get off schedule and work presses down on me, I turn to food and non-stop working to help compensate.  I realize that this isn't healthy, and it's why I've gained so much weight when I moved here.  I don't know how to get myself un-stuck.

Any suggestions?


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