Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pulling Myself Together

Sometimes it takes a few bad days to really make you appreciate what it feels like to be healthy.  This morning, I was in a horrible mood, felt bad in my clothes, and was just generally depressed.  I am not going to do what I usually do, which is wallow in feeling horrible and eat all the things I swear off when I'm "healthy."  Being healthy is not just about eating the correct foods and moving your body, it's about having a good attitude about the way you treat your body.  We all stumble, but it's how long it takes us to get up that's what matters.  All of last year, I kept stumbling, and it seemed as though I could never get back up.  January I got up, and I've been going ever since.  Now, it would seem that I have stumbled, but I'm standing now.  I am trying to get my head into a healthy space before I get too rigid on calories or foods.  Dieting can only work if it makes you feel good.

So, I step down from my soap box and step into tomorrow.  I think tomorrow will be a good day.

I ate progressively better as the day went on, which is a good change.  I'm still working late as of tonight, so I'm still treating myself to wine.  The work will not slow for at least the next week, but I have got to stop putting myself aside.  I took a long walk with Josh tonight, and I'm not going to continue to skip yoga for the sake of work.  So, anyway, here's the food for today.  Tomorrow will be even better!

Also, my vegan cuts snack box came today.  It was my 2nd box, and I really like it.  I know it's not economical, but it exposes me to some products that I can't get in Little Rock.  I might do a review at some point in time.  There was a small easter egg that I ate immediately.  Yum!  There are some falafel chips that I really want to try.  I will be trying to not eat them all at once.

Is there anything that helps you get back on track?  I would LOVE some suggestions.


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