Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prepping for the Week

Every Friday (or most weeks) I head to Kroger to pick up supplies for the week.  We go through a lot of produce in the house, so I stock up.  This week we have a few new things in the rotation, including the granola packs pictured above.  Not pictured are a lot of the Josh-foods... breads, meats, cheese, etc.  I believe the total for the grocery bill this week was around $130.  I am always trying to stay under 100, but I never seem to get there.

This week will be lots of salads, maybe some stir fry bok choy, and fruits/sandwiches.  I used to meal plan and buy groceries per that, but Josh isn't always a fan, and it's much easier for me to just throw together some quinoa and kale and call it a night.  I just try to make sure we have grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, and we seem to easily make dinner out of that.

Yesterday I baked some panko crusted tofu (which is just about gone) and several chicken breasts for Josh. I have some tempeh stashed away to top salads and a lot of cooked quinoa.

Here's what our pantry looks like at the moment.  The soda's are for alcohol purposes, and it's my goal to not touch them.  I usually just have seltzer water.  We have a lot of bulk nuts and grains and some quick foods.  I should probably spend some time cleaning the pantry out.

Over the next week and into the future, I will be snapping shots of everything I'm eating.  One of my biggest problems is snacking while cooking, etc.  I never record these calories, and I think it will make a big difference.  So, starting tomorrow, if it's not in the photo, I shouldn't be eating it.

I'm off to go climb a mountain and have my Sunday newspaper/pizza afternoon with Josh.  

How much do you typically spend on groceries a week?  Got any tips for a veggie/meat house to cut their grocery bill down?

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