Monday, March 11, 2013

Long but good day

After all the stress of last week and gross over eating this weekend, today was a pretty healthy day.  I understand now that to show everyone what I eat on a DAILY basis is a little scary, but I had to resolve myself that other people struggle with perfection and imperfection, and the best thing is to just tell it like it is.

This weekend, pretty bad.
Today, good!

I started the day off with oatmeal, cashews and blackberries.  The seeds in the blackberries were throwing me off, though, so I didn't finish this.

I decided to have my pistachios before lunch, because I was hungry and afraid I would make a bad choice.  I joined the office for lunch at Izzy's, which we go to at last 2 times a week.  The staff know me pretty well, and they have a ton of vegan options.  Today I decided to start with some Jasmine tea (the tea at Izzy's is GREAT) and have their veggie tamales with guac and salsa.  These are REALLY good.  I usually would think this wasn't enough food, but it was really filling.  I have to remember that my eyes are often bigger than my stomach.

I sipped on the second and third brew of the Jasmine tea all afternoon, and at about 3 I had an apple.  I like to keep my stomach pretty empty for hot yoga, because I can get kind of sick.  Tonight's class was an hour long, and it was HOT!  I had to head to Kroger afterwards covered in sweat.  Yay for all the people standing around me.

I got a TON of groceries for the week.  Here are a few of my ideas for meals

Dinner Ideas

  • *meat* = chicken, portabellos, tempeh, or tofu
  • acorn squash with mushroom risotto
  • roasted cabbage with sauteed mushroom and *meat*
  • spaghetti squash "noodle" bowls with spicy peanut dressing and eggplant
  • vegetable stir fry with *meat*
  • big salads and *meat*
  • black bean and quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes
  • vegetable and *meat* wraps with hummus and veggies
  • goddess bowls: kale, quinoa, carrots and *meat* with spicy tahini dressing
  • salad, steamed rice and *meat*
  • spring rolls and miso noodles

Obviously, the chicken is for Josh.

I was pretty hungry when I got home around 9, so I warmed up a quick Amy's Organic and added nooch and hot sauce.

Yoga, dinner, and groceries are done, now time for ZOMBIES and bed.


Bodhi wanted to see what I was eating, but when she realized it wasn't ice cream or cheese, she quickly left to go find Josh.

Calorie count for the day was around 1300.  Honestly, I was pretty busy and didn't think about food all that much.  Start to a good week!


  1. Awesome pics! So delicious:)

    1. Thanks! There's not a ton I can do with just a phone, but it gets the point across :) Cool blog!


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