Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today I'm feeling really grateful.  My body is responding so well to constant yoga and healthy food.  I feel stronger and leaner, and I'm losing weight.  It may be slow, but that's the right way.  Yoga tonight was wonderful and playful, and I felt fully relaxed during savasanna.

Food today was good, cereal for breakfast, ran to Kroger for lunch and got their chef on the run salad bar, and after yoga we had a nice dinner.

I'm kind of liking the snacks on architecture drawings!

1/4 baked squash, 1/2c risotto, 1/3 avocado, pink salt and hot sauce

Today I was around 1500 calories, but I don't feel like I've eaten too much.  Lots of salads and healthy food.  Yesterday I was constantly hungry, but today wasn't so bad.  I have noticed that most Thursdays I tend to fall off the wagon and drink quite a bit, which kind of sets the tone for the weekend.  I avoided that today with work and yoga.  I need to have a good and healthy weekend.  I'm taking a trip next week, more on that later, and I want to be feeling good when I leave (and when I come back).


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