Monday, March 4, 2013

First Food Post

Today is the start of posting what I ate, and I must say, it has kept me from shoving things mindlessly in my mouth.  I was even confronted with having to go eat dinner at TGI Fridays, a place not very welcome to vegans, and even found something to have.

So, this morning I loaded up the food I would take to work and got ready for my day.  These are the typical vitamins I take Monday through Friday.  On the weekends I usually just take a women's one a day I keep at the house.

For breakfast, I started off with a packet of oatmeal, a quarter cup of walnuts and a half cup of blueberries.  This was filling and delicious.  I forget how much I like oatmeal sometimes.

Along with the oatmeal, I brewed a pot of green tea.  I usually have about two scoops of leaves over the course of the day.  I get about 3 brews out of each scoop.  Loose leaf tea is a new obsession of mine since I gave up coffee.

Mid morning I had an apple and more green tea.

Office lunch today was at Trios.  There are quite a few options that I can put together, and today I was feeling sandwich.  This had avocado, tomato, sunflower seeds, carrots and cucumber.  The side of fruit was pretty good, too.

Day one and I already forgot to take a picture of my afternoon snack.  Oh well, too many pictures and I feel it would be boring.  I had my pistachios and orange pictured above.

I had a friend in town with his family tonight, and they wanted to go to TGI Friday's.  I got a little worried and started googling the restaurant to see if I could find anything to eat.  I had originally thought of a baked potato and some veggies, but upon getting there, our server informed me that they don't do baked potatoes. I instead ordered a side salad (no cheese, croutons or side bread), vegetable medley and steamed broccoli.  I got salsa as a side like I do at most places (low in calories and yummy).

Then I dumped it all together.

My total for the day was about 1324 calories.  As I sit here, I am still a bit hungry, but I'm going to make a pot of herbal tea and watch some walking dead.

No workout today.  I plan on walking with Josh in the morning.


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