Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Documented Bad Day

So, you know how yesterday I said work was stressful. HA.  Today was horrible.  Our deadline is tomorrow, and as I write this I am uploading revit files to an ftp, THEN, I have to do stair sections.

ok, I'm done complaining.

Today started off ok.  Too cold to walk (too lazy?), I got up and made breakfast.

These are frozen organic flax waffles, blueberries, a tablespoon of ground almond butter and a tablespoon of maple syrup.  I suppose all the built up stress made me crave sweets.  I'm usually a savory person, but there's something about waffles......

I packed an apple and some hummus and carrots.  This. was. a. disaster.

I ate the apple around 10, and after a couple bites I was done with it.  Somehow, this big and beautiful apple had no taste.  I didn't eat the rest.

By lunch time, I was already way behind on what I needed to do for the day.  In times of this much stress, I look forward to lunch so I can eat copious amounts of fried food for some relief.  When my boss came in to ask if I was hungry, I reluctantly said yes, knowing I was teetering on making a bad choice.  He named off a few places, and I picked Chinese, because I knew I usually get the same, healthy thing.

We headed to Fu Lin, which I have found to be quite good.  I ordered hot tea to start, and then my usual steamed vegetables, add steamed tofu, no rice.

(Thank you, Ashley, at Writing Chapter Three, for this tutorial on how to make your photos more "ethereal" in photoshop.  I take all my pictures with an iphone 4s, so any tricks I can do to them to make them look better are much appreciated.)

The afternoon was more disasters and freakouts.  I don't necessarily handle deadlines well, and I was pretty hungry.  I tried to eat my hummus and carrots, but I think my hummus was old, because it had black spots in it, so I threw everything away.  Snack fail number 2.

Towards the end of the day, I started bitching to Josh about how horrible my day was.  I already knew I was going to have to work late, and yoga seemed out.  He suggested we go have some beer and pizza before we went home to work.  It is usually I who pushes us to eat out, so when Josh wanted to, I immediately agreed.  But wait, I'm trying to be good.  I'M EVEN BLOGGING ABOUT IT.

I resolved to figure out how many calories I had left and eat within them.  I actually came pretty close.

When I pulled up to US Pizza, I was a ball of RAGE.  I met Josh on the patio, and it took me a solid 10 minutes (and a few sips of his beer) to relax.  He had already ordered my favorite.

OMG.  These were particularly good.  I helped eat about half, and I ordered a beer.

I was much more relaxed after this.  I know that this is TEXTBOOK using food to cope with stress.  I also used my silly boyfriend, who I love sharing a meal with.

He let me rant and rave and by the end, I felt really good.  I ordered my favorite, HEALTHY salad for the rest of my meal and sipped on my beer contently.

This is the primavera salad, no feta, guac and salsa as toppings.  It was a good dinner, and I am definitely more relaxed after leaving work for a few hours.

I still think I came in around 1500 calories for the day, and I didn't come home and continue to drink like I usually would.  I'm off to go draw stair sections until late into the night.  The big test will be how I can keep it together tomorrow after working late tonight.


I'm going to my parents' house this weekend with Josh, my sister, and her new boyfriend.  I am very excited about this...

(I sent this to my mom earlier)

My posts may be a little more sporadic over the weekend, but I still plan on writing in regularly.  I plan on having my "cheat day" on Saturday instead of Sunday, and I'm hoping to get in a workout.

How do you stay on track when you are stressed or traveling?  Do your families support your dietary choices?


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