Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Down dogs and goddess bowls

Work has been really stressful lately.  It seems as though I've been on a deadline since Thanksgiving.  I am quite fortunate to have a job, that I know, but stress levels contribute a lot to my weight gain.

During school and subsequently into my career in architecture, there are times where we have to buckle down and work around the clock to meet deadlines.  During these times, that heightened level of stress ALWAYS makes me 1. Over eat  and 2. Over drink.  By the end of the deadline, I feel bloated and crappy and I've put on several pounds.  I always feel like I can't be healthy when I'm really stressed, and I think changing this attitude will ensure my success.  I know life will get even more stressful from here, but I have to learn how to put that aside and just breathe.

When we woke up this morning, it was 34 degrees (F) out, which in our house means too cold for a walk.  I know it's an excuse, but that's where we draw the line.  I got up and made breakfast, same as yesterday except instead of strawberries I had an apple and some ground almond butter.  I know that looks kind of gross, haha.

I brought the usual suspects for snacks throughout the day.  I have found that if I have healthy snacks, I am far less likely to binge at lunch.

My sister wanted to have lunch, so I headed to Whole foods to meet her.  They recently put in a hot food bar, which caused me to eat there more than 10 times last month.  It's unusual for me (and a little pricey), but since I have been trying to eat healthier, it is a good option for lunch.

Pictured is steamed broccoli and cauliflower, a bulgar and eggplant salad (this was amazing!), and a spinach salad topped with chick peas, oh, and there are some beets hidden beneath.  During lunch, I kept having the urge to go back and get soup or bread or chocolate.  I somehow resisted this.  I did, however, eat my pistachios when I got back to the office.

Today was a Jasmine tea day, and I enjoyed a pot with my orange around 3 pm.

At 5:30, I headed to Barefoot for Lunar Flow Yoga.  I love this class.  It's my first one of the week, and I left all that stress from work on the mat.  I am certain that the addition of yoga into my life in a consistent manner has directly contributed to my new found sense of health.

All I could think about during class was food, though, and I knew when I got home I would make up a big goddess bowl.  I have been doing several variations of this, and they're all delicious.

Pictures above:  steamed kale, cabbage and bok choy with tamari and 2 tbs of nutritional yeast, re-heated quinoa, raw carrot slices, topped with 1 tbs of organic goddess dressing.  I have found that the little bit of satisfying fat from the dressing or the avocados this morning will keep me on track.  Without them, I tend to fall off the wagon.

My calorie count for the day was around 1350.  Looking back on the blog the past few days makes me feel really good.  A plant based diet can be beautiful and healthy, and I'm glad I've finally wrapped my head around that.

I will leave you tonight with our majestic cat, Bodhi.


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