Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost Spring

I guess I was a bit busy last night with my last day of work before "vacation," yoga, and cooking dinner.  We ended the night with some Simpsons and went to bed by 10.

So, the reason I'm kind of busy and frazzled is that I have a test on Thursday morning, then I immediately head out of town until Monday night.  I will be posting food teaser pictures along the way, but I will probably save big explanatory posts until I get home.  


I will be traveling to Fayetteville (AR) Thursday, then to KC on Friday.  From there, on Saturday, we take a train to Hermann, Missouri, for bed and breakfast, wineries, and their Weiner Festival (joy).  It will be interesting to see what I can eat along the way, and I'm going armed with snacks.  Stay tuned!!


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