Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Acorn Squash and Mushroom Risotto

Today I woke up not feeling too hungry, but as I made my way into the kitchen and started putting together Josh's lunch, the avocados began to talk to me.   "Eat me, Dana.... I am delicious."  So, that's what I did.  I put together a whole wheat pita pocket, 1/3 an avocado, pink Himalayan salt, spinach and carrots.

I've had these little dole fruit cups in the fridge for a long time.  I don't think they're the healthiest thing in the world, but the grapefruit tastes pretty good, and I wanted something sweet to go with breakfast.

I was out of the office most of the morning on job site meetings, but when I got back I snacked on some almonds before lunch.  I didn't get to drink the usual ton-o-green tea that I do in the mornings, so I was pretty hungry.

My sister emailed around 11 to ask if I wanted Whole Foods.  My initial thought was, "OF COURSE!"  I went back and forth, because I hate paying for lunch when I don't have to, but my boss wasn't there, so I figured I could go get something healthy.  Good thing too, because my coworkers ended up going to some horrible wing restaurant where iceburg would have been my only choice.  I love the Whole Foods salad bar. I got some brussels sprouts, a huge salad, and some kale and white bean soup.  Little did I know, Casey bought some chocolate for us to share.  I suppose I should have passed on this, but I figured I could still get it in my calorie allowance for the day.

This is a lot of food.  I don't deny that.  However, by 4 pm I was starving and about to head to a school board meeting.  I had a very small apple and some water and hoped the meeting wouldn't take too long.

I got home around 7:30 and got down to making us some dinner.  Tonight was acorn squash with risotto (added mushrooms and peppers) and a salad.  I have to say, it was very yummy.

Today was a pretty good day of eating.  I did snack a bit on bell peppers and mushrooms (and a pickle, whoops) while I was prepping.  I have a really hard time not eating while I'm cooking.  As in, I always snack while I cook.  It's a habit I would really like to break, and I think if I did, there would be a lot of calories saved.  I try to keep it to raw vegetables at least.

Total for the day was around 1400 calories.  I'm feeling really strong and healthy, and my skin looks AMAZING!  Off to study for the ARE (Architecture Registration Exam) then catch reading time before bed.


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